The Leftovers' Scott Glenn Has The Best Take On The Finale's Big Mystery

Kevin Garvey Sr. in the final season

Between cable, network, premium channels and streaming services, there is no shortage of fantastic TV content being produced. And while many believe us to be in a TV renaissance, there are quite a few beloved shows that are ending, especially over at HBO. In addition to Game of Thrones' final season next year, the network has already seen the series finale of both Girls and The Leftovers. The latter delivered an emotional finale that attempted to explain what happened to everyone in The Departure, although many fans believe that Nora may have been lying about her journey to and from the other dimension. And now actor Scott Glenn has weighed in with a hilarious answer of his own.

Scott Glenn recently appeared in Netflix's The Defenders, making the press rounds to promote the miniseries. When asked about the ending of The Leftovers, Glenn responded just like his character Kevin would have:

I'm going to answer you like Senior would answer you: 'Who gives a fuck? Who cares? They're all fucking whiners anyway. I'm not motivated by grief. 'Oh! I lost my family!' Who the fuck cares? Get a purpose. Have a cause. Then you won't worry about the rest of this shit.'

Well, that's one way to look at it. Kevin Garvey Sr. was never one to whine about his fate, and that would obviously extend to Nora's story in The Leftovers finale. So I guess the fandom should take his advice, and enjoy the finale for what it was.

But Scott Glenn isn't the same person as Kevin, and therefore has his own opinion. In the same conversation with THR, Glenn gave his personal two cents about Nora's story to Kevin. He said:

I loved the way it ended. Do I think Nora was really lying or not? Yeah, she probably was. But again, it doesn't really matter. I was very excited by the way it ended. It fit for me. Someone said, and I can't remember who, it might have been Justin [Theroux], asked me what I thought Senior was doing now. And I said he was probably riding around somewhere in Australia with an Australian biker gang.

So although Kevin Senior wouldn't be interested in the truth, it seems like Scott Glenn believes Nora was most likely lying about her journey. But regardless, Nora and Kevin were able to find each other after all those years, and that is beautiful.

The end of The Leftovers was a wild one. After many years Kevin found Nora in a small town in Australia's countryside. She informed him that she was sent to the other universe, where the 2% of the population that Departed was left in an empty world. And when Kevin told her he believed her, they were finally able to reconcile their relationship.

You can catch Scott Glenn in The Defenders on Netflix, or The Leftovers on HBO's streaming services. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola
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