A True Lies Reboot Is Heading To TV With James Cameron

True Lies

James Cameron likes to keep himself busy. Not only is he working on a bunch of Avatar sequels, but he's also been trying to resurrect his struggling Terminator franchise on the big screen. Evidently, Cameron still has room in his schedule because he's trying to turn one of his films into a TV show. Cameron's hit action comedy True Lies is about to make the transition into the world of television.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is making a pilot commitment to a TV reboot of James Cameron's 1994 hit True Lies. Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim is writing the script, which will follow the basic story of the film: the relationship between a husband and wife changes when one of them is revealed to be a spy. 20th Century Fox, who produced the movie through its feature division, will also produce the reboot. McG will serve as executive producer and direct the pilot should the script move forward. Mary Viola and Rae Sanchini (who executive produced the film) will be executive producers.

Most tantalizing though is that James Cameron is on board as an executive producer. Cameron wrote, directed, and produced the original True Lies, so having him attached will no doubt be a big draw for fans of the original film. In a world where broadcast, cable, and streaming outlets are all competing for proven IP, having the original creatives attached becomes more and more of a necessity. This will be Cameron's largest television project to date.

For those who may be familiar, True Lies is a 1994 action comedy starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis. The film follows a stagnant married couple, who receive a new burst of energy when the wife (Curtis) discovers that her boring husband (Schwarzenegger) is secretly a skilled spy and they get roped into an adventure together. True Lies was a hit, grossing $378.8 million worldwide on a budget of $115 million. It's a really fun action movie, and we'll have to see how this story can play out over potentially multiple seasons.

Get a load of the trailer for True Lies. It doesn't do a very good job at all explaining what the actual movie is about, but I guess they felt showing Arnold Schwarzenegger with a flamethrower was enough.

There's no premiere date for the True Lies reboot yet, but stick with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated. Curious about more TV reboots? Well, there's certainly no drought. Amazon is working on a Starsky and Hutch reboot, while NBC is tinkering away at a live-action The Jetsons and a female-led Greatest American Hero. ABC also has a new adaptation of The Munsters in the works.

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