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Milo Ventimiglia has a storyline that he'd really like to see in This Is Us Season 2, and it has nothing to do with Jack's death. Check out what Ventimiglia had to say about trips to the future, and an older "Big Three," below:

I'd love to see the kids older. It was a big reveal in the pilot when you found out that the couple that was having the triplets at the beginning who you thought were the same age as the rest of the characters we're getting to know. When we find out that they're a different generation, we're allowing these characters to live in different moments of time, I would love to see the Big Three as an older group of people, in their 50s, in their 60s. We get to see them as kids, we get to see them in their late 30s --- what about them in their 50s and 60s?

Milo Ventimiglia's quote to EW is a thought-provoking one, and very exciting to imagine regardless of whether or not he is subtly hinting that Season 2 of This Is Us could have a flash-forward or more. It would be great to see Sterling K. Brown play the aging father to his soon to be three children, or Kate and Kevin to see where they are 20 years down the line with the things currently happening in their lives. With Kevin's recent big break in Hollywood, perhaps fans could see a scene where 60-year-old Kevin accepts a lifetime achievement award at some ceremony?

While cool, flash-forwarding that far into the future could prove problematic for This Is Us. The major difference between what the show did in Season 1 vs. Milo Ventimiglia's pitch is that both eras have existed in the first case. Bringing folks 20-30 years into the future where writers and the audience could be more concerned with what the future looks like in terms of tech and other nuances may distract or pull away from time spent on storylines. Of course, it's always possible that the show could write around stuff like that and keep flash-forwards brief, and even if they did work in some future stuff, it may not be all that bad!

Given that This Is Us has become a bit of a cash cow for NBC, Milo Ventimiglia's pitch may also at some point become inevitable as there are no signs of cancellation anytime soon and only so many stories that can be told in the past before the show begins to catch up. With the cause of Jack's death reportedly being revealed in Season 2, one has to wonder how many big stories in the Pearson kids past are worth telling beyond that. Then again, with some of the ideas that have been teased already for Season 2, it seems safe to say the hypothetical well of ideas for past stories won't go dry anytime soon.

This Is Us returns for Season 2 Tuesday, September 26th at 9 p.m. ET. Those who can't wait for tomorrow night to see new footage of the Pearson family can see a sneak peek scene from Season 2. For a look ahead at what else television has to offer this fall season, visit our fall premiere guide.