Stranger Things Season 2 Video Answers A Huge Question About Eleven's Return

One of the most anticipated TV seasons of the year is definitely Season 2 of Netflix's horror hit Stranger Things, which will soon be here to give everyone the Halloween heebie-jeebies we all know and love. The recently released trailer finally gave fans a visual confirmation for the return of beloved character Eleven, and now a new video has been released that answers a pretty huge and related question: how did Eleven make it out of the Upside Down? Check out the video below to find out!

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Thanks to Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, we now have evidence for what Eleven had to do to get back to the real world from within the Upside Down. Admittedly, it's not exactly the most groundbreaking or unpredictable explanation, as she basically finds a portal within the nightmarish hellscape that connects back to Hawkins Middle School, where she'd disappeared from in the Season 1 finale after disintegrating the Demogorgon. This obviously makes the most sense for the situation, since portals seem to be the way to travel from our world to the Upside Down.

Also understandably, Eleven has to use her psychic powers in order to make the wall portal large enough to fit through. (I'm pretty sure she could have dove and slid right through the smaller version, though I may just have that Double Dare obstacle course contraption in my head.) But even though we now know exactly how Eleven makes her slimy return to Hawkins, there are several other details that are still up for debate.

For one: how long is Eleven trapped inside the Upside Down before stumbling onto this portal? We know that Season 2 takes place a year or so after the events of Season 1, but Eleven's escape in the video above could take place the day after she originally disappeared, or not until the the second season finale. Granted, it likely isn't the latter, since we get to see her rocking curls and kicking ass in the latest trailer, but the point is that it's not easy to nail down a timeline for anything just yet. It's also not easy to tell how she and the boys will be able to take on that giant shadow monster successfully without getting destroyed ten times over, but we're assuming creators Matt and Ross Duffer have all the logic fully sorted out.

Life has to be confusing for Eleven, at least the parts of life that don't involve consuming Eggo waffles. And we can't imagine that it'll get a lot more comfortable and safer for her in the bigger and more menacing Season 2. Let's just hope everyone else survives long enough for her to eventually save them later on.

Wearing its horror inspirations on its genre-soaked sleeves, Stranger Things Season 2 will finally arrive (to hopefully answer a slew of other big questions we have) on Netflix on Friday, October 27, at 12:01 a.m. PT. Check out some other big moments from that crazy finale trailer, and to see everything else that the small screen has to offer in the coming months, head over to our fall TV premiere schedule.

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