While most of this year's fall premieres have already brought new season of TV to fans, there are a few shows that are still holding out on us. Case in point: Netflix's Stranger Things, which will finally arrive for Season 2 at the end of this month. Information and footage of the popular show's sophomore season have been slowly trickling out, amping up anticipation in the process. Now the final trailer for Stranger Things 2 (as The Duffer Brothers call it) has finally arrived, and it's a doozy. Here are the six biggest moments from that wild trailer.

Eleven's Big Entrance

One of the biggest mysteries that was left open ended in Stranger Things Season 1 was the fate of Eleven. While she seemingly perished while destroying The Demogorgon, Hopper's hidden box of Eggos hinted at her return. And now we can see that she's back with a new hairdo and more determination than ever. One of the most interesting shots from the new trailer featured a chain lock unlocking itself, which is similar to The Demogorgon's attack on Will from Season 1. But this time it was everyone's favorite telekinetic little girl, and she looks seriously pissed. It should be interesting to see how Elle factors into Season 2's narrative, since none of the trailers have featured her in scenes with the other characters.

A Real Look At The Shadow Monster

One of the most consistently exciting aspects of Stranger Things 2 is the new creature. It first appeared way back in the show's Super Bowl commercial, and The Duffer Brothers have been teasing how much more terrifying it is than The Demogorgon. And while we've seen the Shadow Monster in a few brief shots and posters, this new trailer really features the monster. We see how its body is completely made of some shadow/smoke matter (how Lost of them), and just how massive the monster that will be looming over Hawkins, Indiana truly is. And unlike Season 1, I doubt Eleven can vanquish this new creature by hereslf.

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