New Stranger Things Video Is So Friday The 13th, We Wish Jason Voorhees Was In It

Eleven in Season 2

While the past month or so has brought endless amounts of fall premiers for avid TV fans, there are still a few shows holding out on us. One of these is Netflix's massively popular new series Stranger Things, which debut last summer and instantly became pop culture royalty. Season 2 was pushed to October in order to facilitate a Halloween focused release, and we're just a few weeks away from the show's return. A new video was just released that features some new footage, all cut like a classic Friday the 13th trailer. All we're missing is Jason (or his mother). Check it out

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How cool is this? Let's break down what this new teaser is showing--other than the information that we'll get the final trailer tomorrow.

If this new video's footage is any indication, it looks like Stranger Things 2 (as The Duffer Brothers call it) will really delve into the inner workings of Hawkins Lab. The mysterious organization was shown to have quite a bit of influence in Season 1, with access to the police and even child protective services. Although we were given some glimpses into the Lab, the true extent of their experiments is largely a mystery. The biggest clues we got were from Eleven's flashback sequences, where we were shown how she was forced into terrifying and painful experiments to test her psychic abilities. But now it looks like the shady folks at the Lab are going to be terrorizing some other characters.

Hints at Hawkins Lab's role in Stranger Things 2 can be seen through many of the brief clips in the above video. Perhaps the most scary is the one at number 11 (intentional, no doubt), where we see a woman being experimented upon. That appears to be Terry Ives, who Joyce and Hopper briefly met in Season 1. She was experimented upon at The Lab, and is now left mute. She is also strongly hinted to be Eleven's biological mother, and the clip of her is likely a flashback from her time with the corporation.

Hopper seems to be in bed with Hawkins Lab as well, which was strongly hinted at in Season 1's finale. He made a deal with the organization in order to have access to the tear for rescuing Will, and he seemed to be doing their bidding when the first season ended. We're shown a brief shot of Hopper being painfully hosed down in the facility, which means he may end up having contact with something form The Upside Down. We're also shown brief glances of technicians fleeing from an unknown force, Will Byers being checked out by a Doctor-- hopefully one that isn't on Hawkins Lab payroll.

This new video will no doubt please classic horror fans who are celebrating Halloween all month long, especially considering how closely it resembles a Friday the 13th trailer. We know a Michael Meyers mask will show up in the show's Halloween scenes, so hopefully Jason will show up too.

Stranger Things will release its full Season 2 on October 27th, and a new trailer will arrive tomorrow, Friday the 13th. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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