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Jersey Shore Is Finally Getting A Spinoff At MTV For Some Reason

Floribama Shore MTV

When it was announced the cast of the Jersey Shore would be getting back together for a reunion, folks were surprised. When it was announced that reunion wasn't happening on MTV, folks were shocked. Now, folks will get to choose a new emotion as MTV has revealed that they're finally moving forward with a spinoff, because that has to happen for some reason. The network apparently has hopes that Floribama Shore can recapture the spirit of the original, and audiences won't have long to see if it does.

Beginning November 27th, MTV viewers will meet the cast of Floribama Shore, as the franchise (?) moves on from Jersey down to shores Panama City Beach. Like Jersey Shore, Floribama Shore is sticking to the formula of smooshing together 8 folks in their early 20s in a vacation house in one of the hottest spring break vacation spots in the United States. True to its name, 5 of the 8 cast members are from either Florida or Alabama, with the other 3 hailing from Tennesee, South Carolina, and Georgia.

While the Jersey Shore folks were off doing Burger King commercials and things like that, It appears as though the creator of the franchise SallyAnn Salsano snuck down with a bunch of young adults and filmed them presumably making poor life decisions in PCB. Jokes aside, the description for Floribama Shore does tease each of the cast members came into the show with "incredible life experiences," so maybe this "situation" will play out differently than the set of shore-bound adventures. One major difference between the two, though, is that the infamous duck phone has been replaced with an alligator phone, as seen in a promo released to celebrate the news.

The change in scenery will be a factor as well, of course, as Panama City Beach is a long way away from the Jersey Shore, and there's a whole different breed of people down there, where guidos, guidettes and meatheads aren't so prevalent. As for what's the same, partying and drama are sure to be a given, although the cast of Floribama Shore will have some pretty big shoes to fill if they wish to match the level of crazy that was Jersey Shore. (One shot!)

We'll see if the cast of Floribama Shore is up to the task, as the series premieres on MTV on November 27th at 10 p.m. ET. With the network recently rebooting TRL and other shows from its past, one has to wonder what other potential spinoffs of old shows we could see from the network. (Floribama Beavis and Butt-Head?) Those pondering that should hop over to our fall premiere guide and start marking their calendars for their November shows they want to watch, while we keep an eye out for more news like this.

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