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John Noble Fringe

Officially in the thick of its third season, Legends of Tomorrow has done a proper job of keeping its overarching villain hidden in the shadows. However, a bad guy can only remain obscured for so long until he or she has to say something. In that regard, Season 3 big bad Mallus is no different. Now it looks like Legends has just scored a big win in the casting department, as it has been revealed that Fringe alumni John Noble will lend his voice to Mallus as Season 3 moves forward.

Mallus has been referred to several times throughout the early episodes of Season 3, but his voice will apparently finally be heard during tonight's episode, and a report from EW confirms that Legends of Tomorrow has officially enlisted the vocal chops of John Noble to give that voice some heft. For fans of science fiction and fantasy, Noble is an actor who needs no introduction. With credits in projects like Fringe and Sleepy Hollow, he should have no trouble slipping into this zany time-travel world. And he's got the character-based brains, too, having played Sherlock Holmes' father on Elementary.

John Noble is also no stranger to the DC world. Over the years, he has provided his voice for iconic characters like Brainiac, as well as Scarecrow in Batman: Arkham Knight. If you want a taste of his delightfully evil DC villain voice, then check out a quick scene from the hit Batman game below.

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It's worth mentioning that the extent of John Noble's role as Mallus has yet to be fully fleshed out and explained. One thing that we don't know yet is whether or not Noble will actually portray Mallus in live-action when all is said and done. The Arrow-verse is known for enlisting beloved character actors to voice villains (such as Tobin Bell as Savitar and Tony Todd as Zoom) that have been portrayed by other actors beneath the masks. After all, the Arrow-verse loves a "who's it gonna be?" plot twist.

So far, Mallus is shaping up to become a bit more mysterious than previous villains on Legends of Tomorrow. In Season 1, audiences pretty much knew precisely what Vandal Savage wanted to accomplish from the beginning of his arc. With Season 2, we were introduced to the Legion of Doom relatively quickly, though its exact mission was kept under wraps. Now with Mallus in Season 3, Legends of Tomorrow seems to have gone all in on the mystery aspect of its new big bad, similar to past seasons of Arrow and The Flash. At this point, all we really know about him is that he can resurrect dead villains (such as Kuasa and Damien Darhk), but according to comments made about him by Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim, that will change substantially in the season's fifth episode.

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