The Flash Just Delivered Its Craziest Thinker Twist To Date

the flash season 4 the thinker

Spoilers ahead for the fifth episode of The Flash Season 4, "Girls Night Out."

The Flash is going in a non-speedster direction for its Season 4 supervillain, and Clifford DeVoe -- a.k.a. the Thinker -- has been pulling strings from behind-the-scenes to set Team Flash up for a big fall. The show hasn't yet made it clear why the Thinker has such a vendetta against the Flash that he's formulated such an elaborate scheme to take him down, but the Thinker has obviously put a lot of planning into his plot. In "Girls Night Out," the Thinker made a bold move that made for the craziest twist in his story to date. The Thinker actually left his high tech lair to menace one of his homemade metas on the streets of Central City.

The main baddie of "Girls Night Out" was actually newcomer Amunet. Nevertheless, the Thinker turned up at the very end to reveal that the Weeper was another one of the metas that he created out of the energy released when Barry escaped from the Speed Force. The Weeper was understandably on the run after spending quite a while being tortured by Amunet so she could sell his unique tears as a street drug, but the Thinker didn't go to all the trouble of creating metahumans just to let one slip through his fingers. Now, normally a supervillain showing up to keep a minion in tow wouldn't be that big of a deal. The Thinker is no normal supervillain. To visit and shoot energy bolts at the Weeper, the Thinker flew his hovering high tech chair to the streets of Central City. Just because he left the lair behind didn't mean that he couldn't bring a little bit of the lair with him.

The Thinker's field trip from his base could mean that Team Flash is in even more danger from him than any of us knew. The advantage Barry had over the Thinker was simply that he could physically outclass his enemy, who seemed confined to his chair surrounded by the protection of all his incredible technology. Now that we know he can leave his base and take his dangerous tech with him, Team Flash can be in as much trouble on the streets of Central City than they would be if they were hunting the Thinker back to his lair. If he brings an army of samuroids with him, there may be no stopping him without some serious collateral damage.

Of course, the addition of Elongated Man to Team Flash could make all the difference in combatting the Thinker, as Elongated Man is enough of a variable that even the Thinker might not be able to predict what he's going to do next. Still, Team Flash has no idea what they're facing, and the Thinker seems to know just about everything. The plot is definitely thickening.

Tune in to The CW on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET to catch new episodes of The Flash. The Thinker clearly has more plans in store for Central City moving forward, and he's amassing some dangerous metahumans in order to do it. Team Flash is going to be in a lot of trouble if Amunet (played by Katee Sackhoff) teams up with the Thinker when she returns later this season. Either way, the Thinker only seems to be moving closer and closer to the Flash.

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