When Amunet Will Return To The Flash, According To Katee Sackhoff

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Warning: spoilers lie ahead for Episode 5 of The Flash Season 4, called "Girls Night Out."

The Flash brought in a brand new baddie in "Girls Night Out" with Amunet, played by Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica and Longmire fame. Amunet is already one of the darkest villains The Flash has introduced over the four seasons so far, as she is able to use her meta abilities of controlling metal to do some serious damage to everybody who gets in her way. Amunet faced the women of Team Flash (plus a visiting Felicity) in "Girls Night Out," and Caitlin came very close to killing Amunet while in her Killer Frost persona. Iris stepped in to stop Caitlin from going too far, which enabled Amunet to get away.

The episode ended without giving a look at where Amunet ran off to, but we don't have to worry that she'll be gone for good. Katee Sackhoff is on board The Flash as a recurring villain, and she spoke with CinemaBlend to reveal when she'll be back to face off against Team Flash yet again, saying this:

She sort of just walks off into the sunset, like she'll be back. And she will be back. I feel like Amunet's kind of like a virus. Like she's just going to linger forever. I'm back in [Episode] 9, I'm back in 12 and 13, and potentially 14. I'm basically sort of, I get phone calls like, 'Does [Katee] want to come back for a few days?' And if I'm available, it's sort of like 'Sure!' And that's sort of just how the character's gonna keep evolving.

Katee Sackhoff's description of Amunet as "like a virus" certainly paints a picture of a villain who is going to cause a lot of trouble for the good guys of Central City in Season 4. Since she won't be back in just the next couple of weeks, the odds are pretty good that Amunet will be up to no good while behind the scenes. She managed to built up quite an enterprise in the criminal underworld of Central City, and she undoubtedly has plenty of resources at her disposal. After Killer Frost and Iris outfought and outsmarted Amunet, she has a big reason to hold a grudge against Team Flash. We have at least three episodes featuring Amunet ahead.

Given that Katee Sackhoff has had some long-running roles on the small screen, fans will undoubtedly be happy to see her back in action, especially given that Longmire will soon come to an end. Sackhoff went on to chat about why she is on board with a recurring role like Amunet on The Flash:

After Longmire, the last thing I wanted to do was sign myself up for another regular on a TV show right away. I was sort of like, 'Okay, I've done two of these full runs back to back. I might want to take a break just for a second.' I feel like, stay at my house for a second. So I was sort of looking for something like this and when it came up, it provides me that sort of creative outlet and then also very little sort of long term commitment, which is what I was looking for.

The Flash will allow Katee Sackhoff to drop into an ongoing story whenever the time is right without putting her on the hook as a regular yet again. Flash fans can be relieved that Sackhoff is willing to menace Team Flash every once in a while as Amunet. In fact, Sackhoff is pretty enthusiastic about what she's going to bring to series, if her comments on Amunet's hair and makeup process are anything to go by.

We have a little bit to wait before Katee Sackhoff returns to The Flash as Amunet, but the good news is that some exciting action is in store while we wait. The gigantic four-show crossover between The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow is on the way. You can find Katee Sackhoff back on the small screen on another show in the not-too-distant future, as she'll appear in the sixth and final season of Longmire on Netflix. Be sure to take a look at the trailer and be sure to check Longmire out on November 17.

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