How The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs Reacted To The Rumors That Carl Will Die This Season

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With Season 8 heating up, fans of The Walking Dead are already making their predictions about the next major deaths on the series. Some fan theories are putting Carl on the chopping block, and actor Chandler Riggs had to defend his character by taking to Twitter to clap-back at those thinking his Carl won't survive the end of this season:

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Kaboom! Chandler Riggs tweet points out that people (both fans and websites) have been incorrectly predicting Carl's death for a long time. Of course, this time, The Walking Dead fans aren't solely predicting his death due to contract negotiations or his college education, but due to different clues like what was said to Rick in the premiere by that Savior. Fans are also speculating the flash-forward to a red-eyed Rick could mean he's crying and mourning the loss of his son, which sounds logical enough.

Logical or not, Chandler Riggs is enough of a professional that he's not going to cop to anything concrete, even if it's true. If Carl is going down in Season 8 of The Walking Dead, it's not like he's going to pop on Twitter and be like "Yeah guys, you got me. My death is gonna be SICK AF!" Riggs will, however, pop on Twitter to confirm to fans that he has not died in real life:

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For what it's worth, Carl Grimes is still alive and well in the comic series, which is well past the All Out War arc that Season 8 of The Walking Dead is currently fleshing out. Then again, the comics just recently killed off Andrea, and she's been off the TV show for a long time now. The comic books aren't always the best indicator of whether or not any character will survive, so it might not be worth using them to predict whether or not Carl's going to make it out of this thing alright. If he doesn't, Chandler Riggs might catch all kinds of hell on Twitter for mocking the fan base!

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