How Jon Stewart Feels Now About Leaving The Daily Show

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It's been two years since Jon Stewart hosted his last episode of The Daily Show, and he has no regrets about how he exited. Stewart shared how he felt about leaving the Comedy Central series that he put on the map in a recent interview with Howard Stern, and stated he felt like he needed to go to keep the product from declining:

At a certain point, you have to evolve something, and I think I got to a point where I kind of didn't think I could do anything else with it. And thank God I did because before Trump came, you need someone who's 32 or 33 who still has that type of energy, that type of stamina, that fire to go at it.

For any fans of The Daily Show who felt like Jon Stewart left too early and still had something left in the tank, he made it clear to The Howard Stern Show it was quite the opposite. In fact, Stewart said he felt like it was the right time for him to step out of the series, simply because he felt he was close to reaching the point of phoning in episodes. Considering he hosted The Daily Show consistently for 16 years, it's a wonder he didn't think of throwing in the towel sooner.

Luckily he didn't, although Jon Stewart did admit he had gotten lazy on a couple things towards the end of his run on The Daily Show. Stewart said he would alter bits pitched for the show based on the level of work he would have to put towards them. Specifically, he wasn't a fan of changing clothes for segments:

I was making decisions about bits towards the end of The Daily Show based on if I would have to change my clothes. Like that's how lazy I had gotten...I'm like 'you know what? Why don't we do this in my office, and I just wear a T-shirt?'

Luckily, with Trevor Noah taking up his spot on The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert ramping up the politics on The Late Show, and John Oliver going viral with each new episode of Last Week Tonight, the world of political satire is well off enough without Jon Stewart at the wheel of the ship. Plus, it's not like Stewart can't ever come back should that fire return one day, and with his HBO contract, he definitely can and will very soon.

Those hungry for a Jon Stewart return to television will get their wish as he is the host of Night of Too Many Stars: America Unites for Autism Programs Sunday, November 18th at 8 p.m. ET on HBO. For more on other "can't miss" upcoming fall programming, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide and stay up to date with all the latest and greatest shows of the season. For a look at some shows that didn't survive 2017, hit up our cancellation guide.

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