Watch Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert And More Get Into A Weird Arugment On HBO Special

HBO's annual comedy-infused fund raiser Night Of Too Many Stars: America Unites For Autism Programs aired on Saturday, and those who thought host Jon Stewart wouldn't rope in old pal Stephen Colbert for some hilarity most certainly thought wrong. Colbert took the stage to get into a weird dragon-related argument that soon culminated in a big Daily Show reunion that was hilarious from start to finish. Check it out!

Jon Stewart got the ol' band back together, with Stephen Colbert's argument regarding white males being cast as dragons soon got interrupted by Last Week Tonight host John Oliver in person, as well as former correspondent and Full Frontal host Samantha Bee via a pre-recorded message. While other celebrities like America's Got Talent judge Howie Mandell and Michael J. Fox worked their way into the mix, Colbert, Stewart, and Oliver joked their way through the somewhat bizarre skit, berating each other much to the delight of many in the audience. Judging by the laughs, John Oliver might actually want to consider renaming Last Week Tonight as "Harry Potter and the half-hour lecture."

Obviously, John Oliver can classily take the jabs from his friends about his show, as the Emmy-winning Last Week Tonight recently snagged a renewal from HBO through 2020. Stephen Colbert can do the same, considering Jon Stewart continues to help out hisLate Show career as an executive producer on the series. As playful as the joke was when Stewart said he "raised them," there's no denying the impact he's had on both of their careers, as well as Samantha Bee's, in working with them on The Daily Show. We're not sure what effect he's had on dragons int he industry, though.

What one can absolutely deny in regards to this sketch, however, is that Michael J. Fox indeed wrote that tweet! Given the actor's very spotty social media presence, it was hard to believe that the Back to the Future star would update his Twitter feed during the Night Of Too Many Stars: America Unites For Autism Programs even if it was for charity. Sure enough, the actor's Twitter page shows his last tweet was on November 13th, which was a full five days before the event took place! Apparently, Michael J. Fox is not a method actor, although maybe Doc Brown had something to do with this.

While they weren't involved in the sketch, there were many other veterans of The Daily Show in attendance at the Night Of Too Many Stars: America Unites For Autism Programs. Rob Corddry, Jordan Klepper, Olivia Munn, Hasan Minhaj, and Michelle Wolf were all in attendance for the big night. Apparently, any time Jon Stewart gets back in a hosting capacity on television, it's an event not many wish to miss!

Those who missed HBO's Night Of Too Many Stars: America Unites For Autism Programs can currently access the event on demand, provided they have an HBO subscription. For more upcoming programming, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide, or jump ahead to 2018 by visiting our new midseason premiere guide. For a group of shows that got the ax in 2017, hit up our cancellation guide.

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