Black Mirror's New Season 4 Trailer Is Creepy And Powerful

Netflix has lots of content worth binging on any given day, but it also has one of the most unsettling anthology series out there: Black Mirror. For three seasons, the sci-fi drama has fascinated/disturbed viewers with its technophobia, a twisted look at how technology can backfire in the worst of ways. A fourth season of the series is on the way, which contains big talent both behind and in front of the camera. Netflix has revealed the first look at one of Season 4's episodes in a new teaser trailer. Learn what it takes to be a good parent in the video below.

As part of its ongoing 13 Days of Black Mirror celebration, Netflix has released a teaser trailer for "Arkangel," one of the six new episode of Season 4 of Black Mirror. In typical Black Mirror fashion, it teases that something bad is bubbling in an impeccably clean laboratory. In the clip, we see a mother (Mad Men's Rosemarie DeWitt) looking after her daughter while she plays outside. An elderly man tells her that in his day, they'd just open the door and "let the kids be." Soon enough, the mother seems to lose her child, before quickly finding her. This sparks her to take her daughter to a medical center, where they inject something into the child's temple. (Needles are never good on Black Mirror). As we are left to guess, nothing good is about to happen as the words "the key to good parenting is control" appear onscreen.

This episode of Black Mirror is directed by Jodie Foster, who joins John Hillcoat (The Proposition), David Slade (Hannibal, American Gods), and Tim Van Patten (The Sopranos) as some of the behind-the-camera talent. As with most Black Mirror episodes, "Arkangel" is written by Charlie Brooker. We can only imagine what is going to happen in the episode, but Black Mirror has always been an unpredictable show.

There isn't an incredible amount known about Black Mirror Season 4. It will contain six episodes and stars a range of talent that includes Jesse Plemons, Andrea Riseborough, Owen Teague, and Georgina Campbell. At least one of the episodes is a Star Trek parody, while another is in all black and white. Episodes of Black Mirror typically focus on the negative contributions of technology, ranging from online gaming, computing, and artificial intelligence, so if you've ever been worried about your smartphone, then Black Mirror might not be the show for you.

There is no release yet for Season 4 of Black Mirror but it will not arrive until 2018. For all your Netflix needs, make sure to hit up our 2017 Netflix release guide. For all the shows landing in 2018, check out our midseason premiere guide.

Matt Wood

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