So, David Cameron's Alleged Pig Situation Happened On A Black Mirror Episode

Allegations have surfaced that David Cameron, British Prime Minister took part in a disturbing ritual including a sexual act with a pig back in his University days. While the Prime Minister has come out to dismiss all claims about this act, the story came out in an unauthorized biography about Cameron written by former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, Lord Ashcroft. Whether or not these allegations are true, they sound almost identical to the pilot episode of popular British Channel 4 TV series, Black Mirror.

The story told in the biography Call Me Dave was recounted to the author’s of the book by a contemporary of the Prime Minister who is now a member of Parliament. According to the excerpt published by Daily Mail, he reportedly said that the act occurred when Cameron was a student at Oxford University as an type of initiation ceremony to join the Piers Gaveston Society, a notorious club at the school. The act, which allegedly has photographic proof, is said to have seen David Cameron put “a private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s mouth. Reportedly, the pig’s head was resting on the lap of a member of the society, though the individual who is said to own photographic evidence did not respond to the author’s approaches. The allegations are shocking, but apparently there have been a number of accounts of pigs’ heads at debauched parties back when Cameron was attending school.

David Cameron dismissed the claim, refusing to even comment on the matter. But what makes this story even more bizarre is its close relation to the Black Mirror episode “The National Anthem” where the British Prime Minister is forced to have sexual intercourse with a pig on live national television as way of ransom for a kidnapped Royal Family member. Creator of the critically-acclaimed series was too shocked at the whole situation, and its notable similarities.

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Black Mirror which has become known as the ‘modern day Twilight Zone’ is no stranger to stirring up controversy, particularly by its dark and often satirical ways of dissecting modern society. Whether it be commenting on our addictions to technology, or the dissolve of human relationships, the series often feels uncomfortably realistic. Which makes this entire situation, send shivers down our spines. What else that Charlie Brooker explores in his show will show in reality?