The Heartwarming Way One Wheel Of Fortune Winner Used Her Prize Money

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When it comes to great moments on unscripted television, Wheel Of Fortune sure knows how to deliver. While the world has seen the incredible guesses or tremendous fails of contestants of the past, it's not often these contestants get to share the stories about what happened after they were on the show. Now, Wheel of Fortune star Vanna White has revealed a few of the winners' tales she's heard, including the heartwarming way one contestant spent her prize money to become a parent.

We had one woman [who told us] that they adopted a child. And of course they'd send the pictures [with] 'Here's the child I adopted.' It's very heartwarming to see those letters come in, how it has affected so many people.

That's just one of the tear-jerking stories that will be revealed as Wheel Of Fortune is celebrating its 35th anniversary in a very interesting way. To celebrate the milestone, host Pat Sajak and co-host Vanna White will be going into their vaults to share some letters from past contestants detailing how being on the show changed their lives for the better. The celebration kicked off on Monday and it will continue for the next four weeks with special Disney-themed episodes, since the Walt Disney World Resort's Epcot Theme Park also is celebrating its 35th anniversary.

Vanna White told People that, like the woman who used her winnings to adopt a child, many contestants have used their prize money for other life-changing experiences and choices. From charities to weddings to car notes, it appears one can do a lot with the money won on Wheel of Fortune:

We have made a lot of people happy. People pay off their student loans, they buy their first homes, they go on honeymoons, they buy cars that they've never had. So it changes a lot of people's lives. . . . We've had other people that have taken the money and have started charities, or have helped organizations that help other people, not just themselves.

In one particular instance, Vanna White recalled a moment in which a man won a brand new car, and told Pat Sajak he didn't have to take the bus to work anymore. Anyone who has taken a bus after losing their car can surely attest to a new vehicle possibly being the greatest win of all on Wheel Of Fortune. Although the show has seen a few million dollar winners in its 35-year run, so it's debatable.

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