What Happens To All Those Dresses Vanna White Has Worn On Wheel Of Fortune Over The Years?

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I think we can all agree that Vanna White has one of the most singular jobs in the entire world as the puzzle presenter on the long-running game show Wheel of Fortune. Nobody does what she does, and few people look as stunning as she does while doing it. Part of that aesthetic appeal is the seemingly endless line of dresses White has worn over the years, and many fans have been immensely curious to know if she gets to keep the thousands of outfits we've seen. Sadly, the answer is no, as they are taken away soon after.

As Wheel of Fortune approaches its 35th anniversary, it's obviously a good time to look back at everything the game show has done over the years, and it's no small achievement that Vanna White has managed to wear over 6,500 dresses and gowns since the show premiered in 1982, and without ever donning the same one twice. And even though I'm sure she would have loved to have kept some, it turns out every dress -- yes, every dress -- has been on loan from the designer or brand. So after White has them altered and then wears them a single time for audiences to "ooh" and "ahh" over, the clothes are documented and returned, never to again flow along the floor of the Wheel of Fortune studio.

Now, I'm not sure many people would have been able to estimate that Vanna White has worn over 6,500 gowns on Wheel of Fortune, even knowing how many years it has been airing. But most people would probably still guess something in the thousands, and I'm wondering if those people thought she just had a 6-room mansion, where one of the rooms is a walk-in closet that takes up 90% of the house. On the flip side, there are probably some conspiracy theorists out there who assume that every dress gets destroyed and discarded after being worn. "Return to sender" is a happy medium, I'd say.

Another question Wheel of Fortune fans have probably asked over the years is what dresses Vanna White likes to wear the most. She does not like the more tight-fitting dresses, as it makes reaching up to letters more difficult, and here's what she told People about her favorite outfits.

My favorite gowns are the comfortable ones, the ones that are stretchy. . . . I've started wearing a lot more cocktail dresses and I like that too because I don't have to worry about the hem or tripping over it in my 5-in. heels.

She probably also doesn't like the clothes that stick to the set dressing. While dealing with your clothing envy, don't forget to watch Wheel of Fortune every night in syndication, and relive one of the weirdest moments the show has ever given us. Then head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer TV guide to see when everything else is heading to your TVs in the coming months.

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