It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia And Workaholics Stars Are Teaming Up For New TV Show

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When it comes to the most irreverent television comedies, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Workaholics are both near the top of the list. Now, actors from the two shows are teaming up for an in-development CBS comedy that's guaranteed to be a bit more family-friendly than either of those shows, but entertaining nonetheless. The series will team up It's Always Sunny's Rickety Cricket actor David Hornsby and Workaholics Blake Anderson as two dads both trying to play parent in what could be an exciting tv show.

It all depends on if this presently untitled project makes it to a full series order, as the potential series was added to the development slate just ahead of pilot season. Considering the comedy project already has David Hornsby and Blake Anderson on board as creators and stars of the series, the chances are looking positive that their show will get some sort of order from CBS. As for what the show is about, THR says the series will follow a straight-laced dad whose ex-wife marries a much younger free-spirited husband. The two will share dad duties, and likely butt heads given their character descriptions. Just taking a look at Hornsby and Anderson (who is pictured below), it feels pretty obvious which role is being played by whom.

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This comedy Blake Anderson and David Hornsby are working on sounds awfully similar to another CBS comedy that Jon Cryer was working on called Dads and Daughters, although there are enough differences between the two that there's no reason both couldn't be on the same network if they both get a series order. Both Anderson and Hornsby have writing credits for their past aforementioned comedy shows which both have/had successful runs. The new project, should it go to series, will be a homecoming for Hornsby, who starred in the incredibly short-lived comedy How To Be A Gentlemen back in 2011. As for Anderson, he's presently working on the Netflix comedy Game Over, Man with his former Workaholics costars.

As mentioned, the untitled comedy from David Hornsby and Blake Anderson is still in development. For a look at some shows that are confirmed to premiere in 2018, head on over to our midseason premiere guide and see what television is coming in the new year. For a look at some shows that still have yet to air in 2017, visit our fall premiere guide. Finally, anyone scouring both lists and coming up dry with where their favorite show falls within all of that, maybe head over to the cancellation guide and ensure it wasn't kicked off the air by its network.

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