Adam Devine’s Game Over Man Will Be Die Hard With A Twist

Adam Devine

Ever since Bruce Willis starred in the original Die Hard, many action movies have tried to copy that success by taking the film's simple formula and giving it minor changes. While we thought we'd seen every possible permutation, this one is new. Adam Devine describes his new film, with his Workaholics co-stars, as Die Hard with complete morons. It's certainly a twist we certainly haven't seen before.

While Adam Devine will next be seen in the comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, which opens in theaters today, he's also the co-star of Comedy Central's Workaholics. While fans of the series may be heartbroken to know that the next season of that series is likely to be its last, there is a silver lining. Adam Devine tells Entertainment Weekly that he, along with co-stars Blake Anderson and Anders Holm, are working on a feature film, titled Game Over, Man, which is planning to go into production early next year. Based on Devine's synopsis of the plot, we're certainly curious.

It's very much an action comedy. We're three maids that work in a hotel and it gets taken over by terrorists. It's sort of Die Hard, but with three idiot John McClanes.

First off, the fact that Adam Devine describes their characters as "maids" rather than "housekeepers" or something more general already has us wondering what this setup is going to be. What hotel still refers to their cleaning staff as maids? We have to assume that this is a place where male cleaners is not the norm, making the hotel itself a curious place to set a movie. Of course, the unorthodox nature of the hotel may be why it is targeted by terrorists.

In the original Die Hard, Bruce Willis' John McClane has a chance to fight the bad guys simply because he gets overlooked and the robbers don't know that he's there. It would make sense this could happen to a couple of "maids" in a large hotel. But if you don't actually have the skill to do anything to fight terrorists, what happens then?

While the setup is very different from Workaholics, we have to assume that the comedy will be similar, as it comes from the same minds. Are these the people you want trying to save you from terrorists?

Game Over, Man certainly sounds like an interesting concept. We'll have to wait and see how it turns out. Do you think a feature film from the brains behind Workaholics is the movie you've been waiting for? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Dirk Libbey
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