Two And A Half Men's Jon Cryer Has A New Show In The Works

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For years, Jon Cryer played the down on his luck and cheap Alan Harper on Two And A Half Men, but since the show's ended, the actor hasn't had lots to quack about in Hollywood. That looks like it's about to change as Cryer is returning to his home network in a project that sounds similar to the beloved comedy he spent a decade working on. It's being reported that Cryer will return to CBS and will appear in a family comedy titled Dads And Daughters.

According to THR, Dads And Daughters is a multi-camera comedy that features two men who share an ex-wife in trouble with the law. After the wife is sent to prison for credit card fraud, the two men move in together to keep their daughters together. Jon Cryer is executive producing the project alongside his wife/producing partner Lisa Joyner, and Cryer is planned to appear in the project as well. The comedy is being written by the minds behind Man With A Plan and Mike & Molly, both of which have had decent track records on the network. While he is attached to appear, Cryer is currently not listed as a star on the project.

That's a shame considering one of the dads in Dads And Daughters (a reserved math teacher with midwestern values) sounds like a role Jon Cryer could win another Emmy playing. Cryer's reduced presence may be a good thing though considering his pilot for ABC's comedy Losing It (in which he was the star) was overlooked not that long ago. With Cryer the only actor currently attached to the project, it's unknown who will be selected to play the dads (the other being an outgoing personal trainer), but given they have him playing a smaller role, there will be some big shoes to fill!

Why the two men of Dads And Daughters are forced to move in together rather than live in the same city and let their daughters interact that way has not been revealed. In fact, little else is known about this comedy project other than the core concept and that the script is currently being written. One has to speculate though that with Cryer making a homecoming to CBS with a new pilot, expectations are rather high.

Hopefully, the second time is a charm for pilots as we will keep our eyes peeled for more developments regarding Dads And Daughters. It's been a busy time for CBS as of late as the network just gave the go ahead for another season of Star Trek: Discovery and has also committed to a potential Magnum P.I. reboot. For more on television that's already been developed and coming soon, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide and stay informed on the latest and greatest in television offerings.

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