Major spoilers below for anyone who hasn't yet watched The Walking Dead's midseason finale.

Each season, The Walking Dead aims to kick off its winter hiatus in the most exciting ways possible. Sometimes it succeeds, and other times, it fizzles. Tonight's 90-minute capper, titled "How It's Gotta Be," took the All Out War to some explosive quasi-conclusions, and it left us with all kinds of questions about the characters, the communities, and everything else worth asking. Join us in pondering the big questions about where The Walking Dead will go next during the back half of Season 8.

What's Next For Carl?

"How It's Gotta Be" did one of the more unthinkable things in The Walking Dead's transition from comics to TV: it basically killed off Carl, showing fans that he'd been bitten by a walker. But it was revealed by Scott Grimes on Talking Dead that we haven't seen the last of Carl yet, as he's got some things to do before leaving The Walking Dead forever. Sadly, it's going to be extremely hard for him to do some of those things, since Negan and the Saviors are going to make it impossible for anyone to roam freely. Plus, if Carl wanted to give Enid some kind of heartfelt farewell, it's won't come easy. Speaking of...

What Happened To Enid And Aaron?

Early on in the midseason finale, we got to watch Enid and Aaron's side trek to Oceanside. When they arrived, there wasn't exactly a welcome party, and Aaron found himself very close to being a goner after Natania clubbed him. Of course, he never escaped that potentially awful fate, since Enid saved him by shooting Natania in the back and killing her. One assumes that the Oceanside survivors are going to make life hell for the duo, but the episode failed to return to that situation to clear anything up. (Just like with Heath's absence, it appears anyone who messes with Oceanside has to go missing for a while.) So will Oceanside end up joining the fight, or are Enid and Aaron going down?

Is Rick's Flash-Forward Still Important At All?

Even before Season 8 kicked off, The Walking Dead had fans going crazy with confusion over Old Rick's arrival in that bizarre flash-forward, complete with "Weird" Al on the soundtrack. Some viewers were wary about that sequence actually being a prophetic look at the future, and Carl's impending death is as sure a sign as any that it wasn't a legitimate "flash-forward." That makes sense, since there were a lot of little callbacks in that fantasy-esque sequence hinting at its fictional nature, from Would-Be Judith's bunny to owl references. But is there any other information to be gleaned from it, or was Carl's now-unrealistic presence the only relevant element?

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