Turns Out Wentworth Miller Might Not Be Done With The Arrow-verse After All

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While Arrow-verse fans have been treated to some "new" appearances from Wentworth Miller in the DC series as of late, everyone is well aware the fun is finite. While his contractual obligation to appear as Leonard Snart is nearing its end, Miller does have at least one more appearance up his sleeve for 2018, as he noted he's about to start filming one final appearance on The Flash. And that might not be all. In the actor's words:

I have one more episode to shoot which I'll do in January, and I think its going to be an episode of The Flash, and then that is it for me contractually.

This is pretty good news, since Wentworth Miller's announcement about leaving had many assuming he had finished all his filming for the Arrow-verse. Now, with Miller getting at least one more episode of The Flash to get through, the world will get another opportunity to see him step back into the cold-thwarting suit, presumably as some version of Leo Snart. But seeing as Miller didn't lay out concrete details for his final appearance on The Flash, it's always possible he could be appearing as some other variant of Snart such as Citizen Cold, or maybe he'll be playing the original Snart in a flashback or time-travel scenario.

For now, that seems to be the end of Leonard Snart on any Arrow-verse show, but there's reason to stay hopeful. While he made no explicit promises to fans at the German Comic-Con in Dortmund, Wentworth Miller did say that he will "never say never," to coming back to The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow in the future. Miller explained why, and what it would take, as he doted on his love for the entire experience of being on both shows below:

I will never say never because I do enjoy these characters so much. I have a lot of affection for the cast and its a really hard working crew. I enjoy working in Vancouver so there are many reasons to come back, it just has to be the right story. So far I think we've done a really good job of exploring all of who Leonard Snart is and his various incarnations. If the powers that be can prove to me that there's more story there that's worth telling, I'll certainly consider it.

So now, all Arrow-verse fans have to do to get Wentworth Miller back is hound all the shows' creative teams to write engaging and interesting storylines for Leonard Snart, in the hopes of getting Wentworth Miller back indefinitely! Or at least for a few more episodes. Considering Prison Break is apparently on its way back to television yet again, the odds of Miller's return might appear low, but if Dominic Purcell can do both shows, why can't his co-star? On that note, Prison Break's potential return hopefully doesn't mean Mick is about to sacrifice himself to save the Waverider crew.

No date on when fans can expect to see Wentworth Miller on any Arrow-verse show again, but The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesday, January 16, at 8:00 p.m. ET. For more on shows to watch leading up until then, visit our fall premiere guide and midseason premiere guide. Those wishing to see which shows were canceled in 2017 can visit our cancellation guide.

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