One Big Arrow-verse Character Is Apparently Leaving All The Shows Soon

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While the Arrow-verse has had more than a few comings and goings character-wise throughout the four shows' existences, all of them have done a pretty solid job of keeping the core cast intact over the years. That trend will still take a hit in light of another supposed departure, and fans will be sad to learn that Wentworth Miller aka Leonard Snart is apparently stepping away from the worlds of The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow for good. The actor shared the news via a post on Instagram that will chill hearts worldwide:

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It's surely awful news for fans to hear that Wentworth Miller may be completely finished with his supervillain career, as he's been playing Leonard Snart since episode 4 of The Flash Season 1, and has been an Arrow-verse fan favorite ever since. The character transitioned to a leading role in Legends Of Tomorrow, but was eventually killed off (twice). Since death in the Arrow-verse doesn't mean much most of the time, not too many fans were sweating after his most recent death, figuring the character would return again and again via time travel. While that's certainly true and is indeed happening, it looks like Miller will be taking his final bow in one or both shows before the end of either show's season.

It was assumed that Snart would be a recurring character somewhere in the 2017-2018 TV season, as opposed to the regular role he took on Legends Of Tomorrow, but this is the first we're hearing he's donezo with the role. Likely, this just means Wentworth Miller thinks it's time to move on from Captain Cold, and from the looks of his message, it doesn't appear there's any reading between the lines regarding his departure. At least informing the public means he's presumably talked to writers, which means that Captain Cold might get a proper send-off from The Flash and LoT so that future fans won't have to wonder why the character just up and disappeared for later seasons. Let's just hope Snart isn't merely killed off yet again, as that's becoming a bit old hat at this point.

Currently, we do have some details surrounding Wentworth Miller's return to Legends Of Tomorrow, so it'll be interesting to see how that storyline plays out now that we know Snart is leaving both LoT and The Flash for good. Both The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow air Tuesdays on The CW at 8 p.m. ET and 9 p.m. ET, respectively. For more on either show, be sure to read up on the group of Arrow-verse characters who grinds our gears, or what to expect from another famous actor who's joining The Flash as a villainess. For dates on other fall programming, visit our fall premiere guide.

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