What Doctor Who Alum Karen Gillan Thinks Of The First Female Doctor

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As Doctor Who marches ever closer to Jodie Whittaker taking over as the first female Doctor for the franchise, more and more celebrities attached to the series have been sharing their thoughts regarding her taking over. This includes Karen Gillan, who played beloved companion Amy Pond on the series during Matt Smith's tenure as the Doctor. Gillan shared her excitement and surprise at fan reactions to the announcement with CinemaBlend's Corey Chichizola during an interview regarding her upcoming role in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, saying:

That was major for the show, it's never happened before. And there were so many people that were skeptical, and it just bothered me. Because of course a female could play a role, that's insane.

Doctor Who fans can add yet another tally mark for former stars in favor of The female Doctor! Karen Gillan is certainly correct in saying that the move is a first for the franchise, and while there have been women Time Lords, there has never actually been a female actress cast in the role of the Doctor. Gillan also adds how upset she was to hear so many fans were skeptical regarding the choice. She even goes on to the point that she thinks it's insane for anyone to think a female couldn't kick ass in the role.

With four years of appearing on Doctor Who under her belt as a companion (and one episode as a Soothsayer), it's safe to say Karen Gillan is a bit of an authority on what the character of the Doctor can and can't do. Gillan's been a vocal supporter of The BBC's decision to cast a female Doctor, even as far back as when it was first announced that Peter Capaldi would be stepping down from the role. When asked back then, Gillan was gunning for Helen Mirren specifically, but we can speculate she's happy enough that a woman is simply in the role now.

Hopefully, Karen Gillan's excitement for the casting prompts her to ring up the Doctor Who staff and talk about Amy Pond making a comeback! It would take a bit of creative storytelling to work Gillan's character back into the story, but with time travel, anything is possible. If not that, maybe Gillan can jump back into the series in a guest-star role as another one-off character?

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