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As pictures of Hawk, Dove, and Robin all pop on the web Teen Titans fans are undoubtedly looking forward to Titans premiere in 2018. Now, a new bit of news has surfaced that has some wondering if a major villain of the franchise will be making an appearance in Season 1. Casting calls for the character refer to this mysterious person as Evan Logue, but his description has led some to speculate he's actually the demonic Trigon looking to cause trouble for the Teen Titans in their live-action romp.

Evan Logue's character is described as a charismatic male in his late 30's to 40's. A cult leader, Logue works towards reuniting his family, which leads us to believe he's not in contact with them. As one of the few notable estranged fathers of the DC universe and with his daughter Raven featured as part of the main roster in Titans, it wouldn't be all that surprising to see the world-conquering demon Trigon at some point in the series run. Add the knowledge that Raven's mother Arella is being cast for the series, and the dots practically connect themselves in regards to Evan Logue's true identity.

The casting call adds (via Titans podcast) that the role of Evan Logue won't be introduced until episodes 11 and 12 of the series which could set the stage for a recurring role and a larger story arc in the next season, or at least a very exciting Season 1 finale. If there was a Teen Titans villain that deserved a season arc all to their own, the DC devil Trigon would definitely be the guy. Especially if the ban on using Deathstroke that was given to Arrow extends to Titans, the roster is a bit limited as far as villains that could carry an entire season on Titans.

Having said that, it's also being speculated that Evan Logue could be the infamous villain Brother Blood. While the family angle would need some explanation, one of Blood's biggest character traits is being the head of a cult. Much different than the Sebastian Blood featured on Arrow, the comic Brother Blood ages at an incredibly slow rate, has supernatural strength, and is basically invulnerable. While it feels more likely that Evan Logue is Trigon, the cult angle definitely leaves open the possibility that Brother Blood is on the way.

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Surely more answers will come in the next couple of months as DC's streaming service will offer Titans sometime after its launch in 2018. For a look at what other shows are coming to television in 2018, our midseason premiere guide is a great resource. Those wishing to see what time New Year's Eve festivities kick off tonight can still find out by visiting our fall premiere guide. For a look at some shows that were canceled in 2017, visit our cancellation guide.

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