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The original cast of the Jersey Shore is heading back to MTV, and the fans will have a say in where the show may be filming. A new promo for the upcoming Jersey Shore: Family Vacation appeared on the web, and informed fans they can help make the reunion even more awesome by tweeting out which cities they'd like to see the fist-pumping thirty-somethings invade during their road trip:

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation probably won't be filming in the White House anytime soon, but it does appear as though cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco are on the table. Fans upset that their ideal location wasn't featured in the promo can try to rally the Twitter community behind their pick by tweeting it out along with #JSVacation. So, anyone wanting to see the cast freeze their tails off in Sitka, Alaska, better act fast; some locations are already emerging as frontrunners after getting love from fans of the series.

So far, none of the cities in the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation promo are being mentioned in the more popular tweets of fans. Right now, it appears many Jersey Shore Twitter users want the stars to return to their roots in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, although there's a group of business owners and residents of Seaside Heights that aren't big fans of that possibility. Another popular tweet featured with the hashtag suggested the cast should stay in the house that was featured on Floribama Shore and show the newcomers how to really party. Beyond that, most other popular tweets just wanted the series back on television regardless of its location. Returning cast member Deena Nicole Cortese doesn't seem too concerned where she and everyone else end up, provided the clubs are fun:

Whatever the Jersey Shore fans pick doesn't appear to be a binding contract, since MTV cleverly offered no guarantee they'd film Jersey Shore: Family Reunion wherever the most tweeted locations may be. The internet community has been known to vote for Justin Bieber to tour North Korea, or Pitbull to do a show in Kodiak, Alaska, so that's probably a wise decision on MTV's part. That said, it's also a shame, as it would be absolute magic to hear Pauly D scream "Sled dogs are here," right before the cast steps out into the cold arctic wilderness in search of provisions to survive their time in isolation.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation will air on MTV sometime in 2018. Those waiting to hear where the reality stars will end up staying during the series can, in the meantime, distract themselves with our midseason premiere guide which contains all the dates for new and returning shows in the early months of 2018. Anyone who heard the news that Sammi Sweetheart isn't coming back and wants to know why can find out here.

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