Between the years 1989 and 1998, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David collaborated to create what will forever go down as one of the greatest television shows in history. Entirely defying the status quo and expanding on subjects that other sitcoms wouldn’t touch with a ten foot poll, Seinfeld was a truly revolutionary series that did its part to significantly change pop culture forever and make us cry in hysterics on a weekly basis for nearly a full decade. Arguably, the secret to the show’s success was its seemingly endless number of ridiculous and fantastic characters - but it’s also long been debated exactly which characters on the show are the true cream of the crop. We’re here to settle that argument.

Similar to what we’ve done for shows like Family Guy and The Big Bang Theory, we’ve looked back on the history of Seinfeld and all of the characters who made multiple appearances on the show (not counting the cameo-filled finale), and determined a Top 20 ranking. Who filled in all the big spots? Read on to find out!

20. Dr. Wexler
There were many, many strange characters that populated the world of Seinfeld over the course of the show’s nine seasons, but the doctor played by Victor Raider-Wexler certainly had to be one of the oddest. As though he were following the lives of the series’ four protagonists from afar, he popped up at multiple coincidental moments over the course of the show – including the death of Susan, the Junior Mint incident and the end of the Summer of George – but brought with him his own kind of weird, muted soap opera-type charisma that heightened the comedy in what might otherwise be dramatic scenes. It’s perhaps a shame that he never ended up with Elaine, as perhaps he could have been the doctor she spent years looking for.

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