This week, CBS' The Big Bang Theory announced that Firefly and Castle lead Nathan Fillion is set to make a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory. This has particular significance, as Sheldon even originally set aside time for Firefly in the original roommate contract before the Fox series was cancelled prematurely. We can't wait for Fillion's big entrance on the CBS comedy, but in the meantime, we figured we would go through our favorite guest stars who have popped up on the show, and rank them by sheer awesomeness and utilization in the plot.

So, without further ado, and with zero apologies to Charlie Sheen, here are the top 12 celebrity guest appearances that have occurred on The Big Bang Theory since the show hit the schedule in 2007.

12. Leonard Nimoy

While Leonard Nimoy is a recurring figure in Sheldon's life, once even getting a restraining order against the "Big Bang Theory" character, the only time he has technically appeared on the series is in the Season 5 episode "The Transporter Malfunction," when he popped up as the voice of a Spock action figure that Sheldon encountered while he was dreaming. It was weird, it was wacky and it just makes our list.

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