Gene Simmons Family Jewels - Season 3
Premieres: Tuesday, March 11th, at 10 p.m. EST
Network: MTV
Creator(s):Gene Simmons, Leslie Greif and Adam Reed
Starring:Gene Simmons, Shannon Tweed, Nick Tweed-Simmons, Sophie Tweed-Simmons

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons and his family will be back on A&E for a third season. Gene Simmons Family Jewels is a celebreality series that centers on Simmons and his family. Similar to The Osbournes, the MTV reality series that followed Ozzy and his family around, showing off just how weird a rock star’s home life can be, Family Jewels gives viewers an inside look at another rock star’s family life.

The third season will start off with two back to back episodes. Viewers will get to see Gene take a lie detector test given by his long-time girlfriend, Shannon Tweed. Simmons claims to have been with more than 4,800 women. The question is: did all of these encounters take place before 1983 when he got together with Tweed?

I don’t know. I’m kind of over the whole celebreality thing. I couldn’t even get through a season of Celebrity Apprentice. Then again, I’ve never seen an episode of this show despite the fact that I’m sort of curious to check it out. So I’m giving it a “2” in the Excite-O-Meter for now. For those of you who are fans of this show, please feel free to post a comment letting me know why I should watch it. Is it like The Osbournes was (in a so-bad-it’s addicting sort of way)? Would I be doing myself a disservice by not watching it?

Here’s a preview:

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