The 2011 MTV Movie Awards are on the way and host Jason Sudeikis is checking in with some of the nominees. We have two promos, one of which features Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe as he takes a break from the stage to humor Sudeikis.

I’m fairly certain that Jason Sudeikis is one of the best things Saturday Night Live has going for it. He also happens to be one of my favorite things about the underrated film Going the Distance, one of the few recent romantic comedies out there that delivers the goods on both comedy and romance. I’m not sure I would've pictured him hosting the MTV movie awards but I’m curious to see how he does regardless.

MTV recently released these teasers, which feature Sudeikis gearing up for the big event, which airs Sunday, June 6th on MTV. The first video features the host delivering Chinese food to “Danny Radcliffe" backstage of the Broadway play How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, in which Radcliffe is currently starring. The second has him chatting it up with Leighton Meester.

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