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See The First Image Of Morgan Crossing Over To Fear The Walking Dead

It's a pretty exciting time to be a fan of The Walking Dead. Aside from Robert Kirkman's consistent new additions of the graphic novel, The Walking Dead and its spinoff Fear The Walking Dead are about to deliver what fans have been asking for since day one: a crossover. Physical distance and a different timeline seemed to make this an impossibility for the first three seasons of the spinoff, although Lennie James' Morgan Jones will soon transition from the flagship series onto Fear. While this announcement has left a few glaring logistical questions for the fandom to ponder, the first image of the crossover has just arrive. And Morgan is looking surprisingly sane.

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It looks like Morgan's run on Fear The Walking Dead won't be just spent by him "clearing" walkers in a sweaty haze. So at least fans can rest easy in that regard.

This new image from Fear The Walking Dead, (via The Walking Dead's Twitter) is fairly cryptic, but does at least confirm where Morgan's mental capacity will lie when he makes the transition from one show to the other. Morgan, like Rick, is a character whose sanity has wavered quite a few times while attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse. When Morgan reappeared on the show in Season 3, he was an almost rabid animal. After losing his son, his sole focus was killing as many zombies and people as possible to "clear" the area.

Morgan has gone back and forth between instability and steadfast resolve quite a times during his tenure on the series, although fans seem pretty sick of both crazy Morgan and pacifist Morgan. So having the character make his way to Fear The Walking Dead will all of his facilities is probably the right call, and will allow the millions of viewers to properly enjoy the crossover moment they'd been waiting for.

EW had other sneak peek images from Morgan's debut on Fear, apparently fighting for his life against some of the dead. There is also a shot floating around of he working alongside newcomer Althea, played by Lost and Taken actress Maggie Grace. She'll be a series regular in the upcoming fourth season of Fear The Walking Dead, and perhaps Morgan will be her proxy into the main narrative of the series. Given Fear's penchant for killing off its major characters, there have been quite a few openings left in the starring cast, allowing new actors to get their shot in the zombie apocalypse.

It still remains to be seen exactly how Morgan will end up on Fear The Walking Dead, although smart money says the spinoff will need to have a substantial time jump. Additionally, there has to be a reason for Morgan to possibly depart the original series. Perhaps the war again Negan and The Saviors will be just too much for the survivor, and he'll depart after victory is won. We'll just have to wait and see.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC on February 25th, 2018. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch, and our cancellation list to see how many of your favorite shows got the chop last year.

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