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New Walking Dead Image Shows The Aftermath Of That Cliffhanger

A new image from the back half of Season 8 of The Walking Dead is up on the web, and it's one fans who want to know what happens following that cliffhanger want to see. Check out the image of the aftermath below, which features Rick and Michonne helping Carl away from the burning mess that is Alexandria:

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For anyone who missed the midseason finale, now would be a good time to hop out of the story to avoid any spoilers. Unsurprisingly, The Walking Dead's return is going to pick up with what's going on with Carl. Based on the captions paired with the picture, this moment appears to happen early on in the midseason premiere as Rick and Michonne appear determined to make Carl's eventual demise as comfortable as possible. While he's certainly not in the best of shape, EW has another picture from the return featuring Carl in a cot, which appears to tease he's got a little more time following his revelation in the sewer to talk to Rick and others before he bites the dust.

The picture has gotten quite a bit of hate on Twitter from fans of The Walking Dead who are none too happy to see Carl go. While some fans are just sad to see Chandler Riggs off the series, there's a more aggressive bunch writing the move will kill the show or tweeting the hashtag "FireScottGimple." Considering The Walking Dead just announced the promotion of Gimple yesterday, those angry tweeters likely aren't going to get their wish. It also doesn't appear as though their protests are going to save Carl Grimes, who looks to be on death's door even if the show drags out his exit a little bit.

Beyond showing a sneak peek at Carl's final moments, the pictures for the rest of The Walking Dead Season 8 also tease the future of other characters going forward. Specifically, the pictures show things like Maggie taking care of baby Grace, Daryl hanging out in a swamp, a Carol and Morgan team up, and Ezekiel being held captive. There's not a ton to be gained from these photos in terms of finding out what happens in the rest of Season 8, but with the midseason premiere of the series still over a month away, fans should be grateful for any glimpse they get!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC Sunday, February 25 at 9:00 p.m. ET. For a huge list of dates and times to watch a bunch of shows premiering or returning before the hit drama returns, head on over to our midseason premiere guide. For more on Carl, check out what Robert Kirkman had to say regarding the show's decision to kill off the character. For something to read that's a bit more heartfelt and emotional, check out this letter Chandler Riggs' mother wrote to the fans of The Walking Dead a few weeks back in response to those that are angry over the show's decision to kill off Carl.

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