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This Might Be The Simpsons' Most Impressive Prediction Yet

We have already talked at length about the fact that The Simpsons has an insane history of making bizarrely accurate predictions. Some have attempted to rationalize how the show can pull this off, but no matter which way you cut it, the long-running cartoon's ability to call significant and/or hyper-specific events before they happen remains impressive. However, the show has officially outdone itself in a way, with a seemingly impossible car crash in southern California bearing a striking resemblance to a classic Simpsons joke involving none other than Hans Moleman. Take a look at the real-life visual, below. (And thankfully, no one was fatally injured.)

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For the sake of context, this is the scene of a car accident that recently occurred in Santa Ana, California. A driver accidentally launched a car into the second story of a dentist office and then proceeded to remain stuck in the car while it dangled from the side of the building.

Of course, as with so many other things in life, it turns out at The Simpsons already did it. Following the original post of the car stuck in the building, one astute Twitter user noticed that it bears a striking resemblance to the "My Sister, My Sitter" episode of The Simpsons, in which Hans Moleman accidentally drives his Cadillac into the side of a building. Check out the comparison, below.

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As for the real-life car accident in Santa Ana, it sounds like two people were indeed injured when the incident occurred on Sunday. The driver of the vehicle was operating the car at unsafe speeds when it eventually hit the center median and went airborne. The impact of the collision sent the car flying, thus leading it to its final resting place, half-inside a dentist office. Narcotics were said to be a contributing factor in the accident, perhaps not surprisingly.

As many of you already know, this is only one of several Simpsons predictions that has become a reality. One of the most prominent of the bunch is the presidential election of Donald Trump, but the show has also predicted other significant cultural events that have recently taken place. Among these moments include a prediction of the recent $52 billion Disney-Fox deal, as well as a prediction that Star Wars: The Force Awakens would be a thinly-veiled apology for the prequel trilogy.

This definitely feels like one of the most bizarre moments from The Simpsons to ever come true. This isn't like predicting the election of Donald Trump, as the president had long teased another potential run for office prior the 2016 election. In this instance, though, an insane number of specific elements had to fall into place for this to work. A car crashed into the second story of a building, and someone is trapped inside. All we'd need is a weak, Hans Moleman-esque character (perhaps on his way to a screening of Man Getting Hit By Football) to poke his head out to ask for help, and it would have been truly complete.

The Simpsons recently returned for its midseason premiere and airs every Sunday night on Fox at 8 p.m. ET. Have no fears; they've got stories for years, which means it's anyone's guess as to what major cultural even the show will predict next. Check out what other shows are coming with our midseason premiere schedule.

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