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BBC America has a new series on the way, and it features former Grey's Anatomy star Sandra Oh in an exciting new role she typically doesn't get to play. Oh will take on a psycho killer -- "Qu'est-ce que c'est" -- in Killing Eve, and while we have no doubt Oh is badass enough to take on any TV lunatics, she might struggle just a bit. The first trailer, seen below, teases action, violence, and little bit of dark humor:

Wow, actress Jodie Comer really nailed that psychopath stare! The actress may not be as well known to American audiences as Sandra Oh, but she, without a doubt, held her own as the two traded words in that final clip. The closed eyes and pouty lips really gave off that unhinged vibe, although it'd be a lie to say Killing Eve didn't tip its hand that her character Villanelle was certified crazy when she flipped that beautiful bowl of ice cream onto that little girl's dress! Sandra Oh was excellent as well in this trailer, but unfortunately, we only got a taste of what she'll be bringing to the table in this upcoming series set to premiere Sunday, April 8.

Oh's lack of screentime is ok, of course, as most anyone watching this trailer is more than familiar with what type of presence she'll bring to Killing Eve. Oh didn't need the camera in her face to leave an impact with viewers as her narration of the various moments of Villanelle's life really gave some gravitas that showed Eve is determined in bringing this killer to justice. That's probably something important to note, as one might think Oh's role in this series is just a concerned therapist with a penchant for vandalizing phone booths without the context that she's actively pursuing her for MI6!

Specifically, Sandra Oh's Eve is an MI5 security officer looking for a chance to get away from her desk and prove herself as a spy. Eve is tasked with finding Villanelle who, as the Killing Eve trailer showed, is a psychopathic killer who will be trying to get Eve before she gets her. This cat-and-mouse thriller that teases some humorous moments is based on the novellas of author Luke Jennings and is written by actress/writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The series is currently set for eight episodes, but with more novellas tied to the character, its possible BBC America will try to make this a multi-season show if audiences latch onto it.

Killing Eve premieres on BBC America at Sunday, April 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET. The series can be found on CinemaBlend's midseason premiere guide, which is chocked full of other new and returning television shows hoping to make a splash on television in 2018. Check out that list, or for a look at the latest and greatest Netflix has to offer in terms of original programming, head on over to our Netflix premiere guide.