Star Wars Resistance Could Be Disney's Next Big TV Show, At Least According To Rumors

Star Wars Rebels

A certain galaxy far, far away is going to keep expanding in the near future. In addition to the current Star Wars feature trilogy that just saw the release of The Last Jedi, we're getting a new trilogy and another set of films developed by the Game of Thrones showrunners. Then there's the TV world, in which Disney and Lucasfilm will reportedly invest quite a bit of time and money. We may have our first indication of where Star Wars TV will go after the conclusion of Star Wars Rebels, as Lucasfilm has just filed a slew of trademarks for a potential new project called Star Wars Resistance.

Big things may be in the works in the realm of Star Wars television, folks. According to Star Wars fan website Yakface, Lucasfilm has registered four new merchandising trademarks for the brand Star Wars Resistance. This report doesn't officially confirm what the filing is for, to be clear. But given the fact that Star Wars Rebels is coming to the end of its preconceived four-season run, not to mention the widespread rumors of a current-era animated series being developed, it would make plenty of sense for the folks at Lucasfilm and Disney to announce a new series to carry on the television mantle.

Of course, this development also raises the question of whether Star Wars Resistance will take the form of an animated series or a live-action show. Either option stands out as a possibility, since live-action projects are being conjured up for Disney's streaming service, but recent reports have suggested that Lucasfilm execs have been looking to bolster the size of their animation staff. Given the broadening mythology of the new slate of films that started with The Force Awakens, it's entirely plausible that Star Wars Resistance is intended to be an animated counterpart that fills in the gaps between the films of the current trilogy, not unlike how Star Wars Rebels shared parallels with the original trilogy.

Laura Dern Amilyn Holdo The Last Jedi Star Wars

If that's how things shake out, then characters like the late Amilyn Holdo or The Broom Kid could become considerably more important to the overarching Star Wars mythology, even if it doesn't necessarily happen in live-action. The end of The Last Jedi emphasizes the idea that Luke Skywalker serves as "the spark that will light the fire that will burn the First Order down." Star Wars Resistance could show us how that spark turns into a flame.

As far as platforms for a show like Star Wars Resistance go, there's a strong case to be made for it ending up on a Disney network like Disney XD, particularly when we consider the fact that Disney XD is the current home of Star Wars Rebels, which has been a bit win for the company. That option also makes sense when we consider the timeline of this possible show's development. The highly-anticipated Disney streaming service is still almost two years away from debuting, so a network home would make sense, assuming the project has been in the works since the rumors started. Then again, given how little we know about the project beyond the fact that the name can show up on party favors and shoes, the streaming service is always a possibility.

Speaking of party favors and things, it's also a possibility that Star Wars Resistance is nothing but a mobile app or a new exercise regime, since the brand knows no bounds where marketing is concerned. But given the variety of items that Disney and Lucasfilm are potentially interested in branding with Resistance logos, we're optimistic that this will be a much larger and attention-worthy project.

We will bring you more information related to Star Wars Resistance as more details associated with the potential project become available to us. For now, make sure to catch the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels on Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Disney XD and hop over to our midseason premiere guide for more information on all of the shows set to debut this spring!

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