When Star Wars Rebels Is Ending, According To Dave Filoni

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Disney XD's Star Wars Rebels has been responsible for keeping to Star Wars action up on the small screen for the past few years, and it has given fans a window into the era between the prequel era and the original trilogy era. The show is pretty close to the events of A New Hope as of the end of Season 3, so many have been wondering how much longer the show can last. Now, showrunner Dave FIloni has the answer: Season 4 will be the final season. He said this about the end:

I know that's tough. It's tough for me. But believe me, I know that it's tough when you don't get to end a series... This show represents, by no means, an end to what we're doing in animation. But for now, what I'd love for you is to focus on the beautiful work these guys have done in Season 4.

Dave Filoni revealed that the end is nigh for Star Wars Rebels at the giant Star Wars Celebration convention in Orlando, and it will undoubtedly come as a bummer to fans who were hoping for another few years of the series. Still, at least we know for sure that Filoni and Co. will have the time to bring a conclusive end to the Rebels action. Star Wars franchise fans undoubtedly still remember the untimely end of The Clone Wars series. We should see the Rebels of the Ghost finish their journey together, no matter how it happens.

Of course, news that Rebels is ending may mean that the time has come to really start worrying about some of the characters who didn't show up in the original trilogy and who haven't been confirmed alive. We know that Hera and Chopper at least will be at the Battle of Scarif, and the recent news about the Star Wars Forces of Destiny series revealed that Hera will still be rebelling circa Return of the Jedi, but we can't say for the rest of the Ghost crew.

As somebody who was feeling pretty nervous about the hints Rebels was dropping about the end of Kanan's story in the Season 3 finale, I'm both dreading and looking to what's to come. There were no random Jedi running around the original trilogy, and while I can see Rebels using Ezra's youth and incomplete training as a loophole to avoid killing him off, I have a bad feeling about Kanan making it to the Rebels series finale. We'll have to wait and see.

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 will debut on Disney XD in Fall 2017. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in Star Wars Rebels news, and don't forget to check out our midseason TV premiere guide and our summer TV premiere schedule.

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