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The Big Bang Theory has spent the last several seasons deepening the touching yet hilariously oddball romance between Sheldon and Amy, and the two are currently engaged. The show has had them working on their wedding with everything from ranking potential members of the wedding party to actively planning a life together, leading fans to wonder when they'll finally tie the know. Showrunner Steve Holland has some good news for viewers who want to see a wedding sooner rather than later, saying this:

I think you will see a wedding [this season]. We haven't written the finale yet, but we've certainly been building to it all season.

Let it not be said that The Big Bang Theory is needlessly drawing out Sheldon and Amy's engagement! Steve Holland's comments indicate that we could see Shamy saying the big "I do" as soon as the Season 11 finale, although that episode has not yet been written. All things considered, fans realistically couldn't have hoped for a much sooner wedding than the season finale. Most shows keep the big events relegated to premieres and finales, and The Big Bang Theory has already aired its season premiere, midseason finale, and midseason premiere. If the nuptials are happening this season, the finale is the perfect time.

If Sheldon and Amy do get married in the Season 11 finale, fans could count on at least one full season of the two as a married couple. The Big Bang Theory has already been renewed through Season 12. Admittedly, Sheldon and Amy have been entertaining since getting engaged, but it could be even more entertaining to see them as husband and wife. There's also the point that Johnny Galecki said earlier this year that the cast would be "comfortable" with The Big Bang Theory ending after Season 12. If the twelfth season does turn out to be the last, a Season 11 finale wedding for Sheldon and Amy would mean getting to see them married for a time before the series finale.

Of course, we can't be absolutely positive that any knots will be tied in the Season 11 finale at this point. The finale hasn't been written at this point, and Steve Holland went on to say more in his chat with TVLine:

I can't promise that we'll see a wedding at the end of the season, but we'll certainly be building towards a wedding.

While Sheldon and Amy may not necessarily be at the figurative altar by the end of the Season 11 finale, the show will be heading in that direction. It wouldn't be the first time a finale of The Big Bang Theory ended on some wedding shenanigans, and we can bet that the complications would be even more bizarre for Sheldon and Amy than for anybody else. Who knows? Maybe Bill Gates could come back and perform the ceremony. We'll have to wait and see.

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