Donald Trump Slams Alec Baldwin's SNL Impression Again, Praises Darrell Hammond

alec baldwin as donald trump

As it usually goes, President Donald Trump has had quite an eventful news week, most recently thanks to his comments on both the country's gun debate and on proposing steel and aluminum tariffs. But Trump still took the time to bring back a golden oldie by slamming Saturday Night Live recurrer Alec Baldwin after the actor's claim that parodying the POTUS is "agony." What's more, Trump calls for the sketch series to resurrect its former Trump impressionist Darrell Hammond.

Though Donald Trump made a habit out of railing on Alec Baldwin's SNL impression during and after his election campaign, he has largely kept his Twitter TV opinions focused on Fox News programming and his own small screen appearances. But Alec Baldwin lit a new fuse with a recent interview, in which he aired out some complaints about doing his regular presidential impression on SNL, with the words "like agony" coming up.

And that was apparently the last straw for Donald Trump, who started off his Friday morning by spinning Baldwin's words back against him, while also invoking the name of Saturday Night Live veteran Darrell Hammond, who portrayed the sketch show's Trump through the first decade of the 2000s. Taran Killam took over the impressions in 2015 before he was passed over for Alec Baldwin that next year, but Trump wasn't looking for the younger actor's efforts. He wanted Hammond, whose 14-year SNL career was a record-breaker before Kenan Thompson eclipsed it this season

For those who want to relive Darrell Hammond's Donald Trump impression, or perhaps to watch it for the first time, just click play below and witness the stark differences (and certain similarities) between pre-POTUS Trump spoofs and current-day Trump spoofs.

I doubt many world leaders make creative suggestions to their country's longest-running late night comedy shows, and Donald Trump is definitely unique in many other respects as well. I'm kind of interested to see if Saturday Night Live's writing staff will figure out an actual way to bring Darrell Hammond's Trump back, possibly while sharing the stage with Baldwin. Hammond has been the show's announcer since Don Pardo's death in 2014, so it's not like they'd have to track him down.

As recently announced, Alec Baldwin has a new talk show on the way, for which he'll talk with some of the biggest celebrities on the planet, presumably with Donald Trump's name coming up a time or two. So we can't wait to see what the President has to say about that when it airs a sneak preview on ABC after the Oscars.

In the meantime, Saturday Night Live airs every Saturday night on NBC at 11:35 p.m. ET. And you can head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what else is hitting the small screen soon.

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