Alec Baldwin's New TV Show Has Been Ordered To Series

While his role as 30 Rock's empathy-lite Jack Donaghy will arguably be Alec Baldwin's most lasting TV achievement, the actor has largely avoided scripted series in achieving his most recent fame on the small screen. And so it goes with his latest project, the talk show Sundays with Alec Baldwin, which has been ordered to series at ABC, with a special sneak preview being planned for after the 90th annual Academy Awards.

Sundays with Alec Baldwin is set to hopefully give ABC another hat in the ring when it comes to fan-friendly talk shows, with Jimmy Kimmel Live! seeing viewership and ratings boost in the past year or so. Beyond the initial post-Oscars preview, eight additional installments were ordered by ABC, which appears to indicate that the network is being somewhat wary about throwing too many resources into the new project before its success can be measured. But if Sundays with Alec Baldwin is anywhere near as interesting and watchable as its initial guest lineup, then this could become an immediate TV staple to close out the weekend with.

The new show will see Alec Baldwin sitting down for one-on-one conversations with some of the most popular and most influential people in pop culture, and part of the goal is to bring a live-action element to the captivating talks he has with celebs on his NPR/WYNC podcast Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin. According to the announcement, ABC's first look at the show will feature a conversation between Baldwin and his old friend Jerry Seinfeld, with topics including the current state of comedy within a world pulled in different directions by political and social issues. What's more, Baldwin will also talk with his occasional SNL cohort Kate McKinnon, and the two will go over Saturday Night Live's success, McKinnon's lifelong habit of turning scandalous headlines into performances, and the characters that make her a beloved household name.

It's not clear who else Sundays with Alec Baldwin will rope in for future episodes, but considering he's starting off with two of the most recognizable comedy stars on the planet, we expect equally impressive guests in the future. The show is being produced by Baldwin's company El Dorado Pictures, which has a first look deal with ABC Studios, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s Jason Schrift will serve as an executive producer.

Alec Baldwin, who is still making regular appearances on Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump, also hosts Match Game for ABC, with the game show revival currently in its third season. It was recently reported that the actor was set to return to network comedy with a show being developed by black-ish creator Kenya Barris, but that project fell through. (Possibly because he knew this talk show was going to get the green light?) On the dramatic side of things, Baldwin can be found in Hulu's new political drama The Looming Tower. He's also known for headlines for his controversial opinions, along with the usual Baldwin meltdowns.

While an official premiere date has not been set yet for Sundays with Alec Baldwin, viewers can catch the special sneak peek on ABC on Sunday, March 4, with 11:35 p.m. ET as its tentative time slot, but you know how awards shows almost always stretch on beyond their planned ends. If you're looking for other new and returning shows heading to primetime, jump over to our midseason premiere schedule.

Nick Venable
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