As one of television’s most established series, Saturday Night Live has been a massive breeding ground for the comedy world. And while a sizeable number of actors and actresses only end up sticking around the show for a few years before guiding their careers to other areas, some performers stick around Saturday Night Live longer than most TV series are even on the air.

Here are the 9 most long-lasting cast members that SNL has put forth, all of whom lasted at least eight years longer than stars like Billy Crystal, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey, Jr. Remember when Randy Quaid was on this show? I can’t imagine living in a world where he made it to this list.

jason sudekis
Jason Sudeikis – 9 Years
Years Active: 2005-2013

One of the founding comedians behind Second City Las Vegas, Jason Sudeikis joined the Saturday Night Live writing staff in 2003 and hit the repertory player status in Season 31. Sudeikis is known for impersonating such personalities as Joe Biden and Mel Gibson, and for original characters like the A-Hole married to Kristen Wiig, the in-yo-face “Underground Rock Minute” host DJ Super Soak and the ESPN Classic segment host Pete Twinkle. Now known for such big screen ventures as We’re the Millers and Horrible Bosses, Sudeikis announced his retirement from SNL in 2013.

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