Donald Glover Releases Crazy Script For Deadpool Animated Show

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FX decided not to go with Stephen and Donald Glover's pitch for an animated Deadpool series, and comic book fans everywhere let out a depressed sigh that young Lando wouldn't be utilizing his writing talents for the "Merc with a Mouth." The departure was a bit shocking, and while FX cited "creative differences" as the reason, some assumed Glover's packed film, music, and television schedule didn't allow him enough time to add yet another project to his plate. Glover seemingly disputed that claim via his Twitter, and released a crazy script he wrote for the cancelled series:

Donald Glover's episode, titled "Finale," is rife with commentary, and most of it as recent as a couple days prior to the tweet's release. Wade Wilson referenced Beyonce's face being bitten by a fellow actress, trendy rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, and the last male northern white rhino that recently died. Glover certainly has his hand on the pulse when it comes to pop-culture, which is an absolute need for anyone writing a script for Deadpool, and reading these jokes only makes it more painful that FX and Marvel passed on his project.

Donald Glover certainly let his feelings fly in regards to how he felt about Marvel and FX passing on his show, as a bulk of the script features Deadpool ripping on both networks. Deadpool offers some suggestions for why FX passed due to "creative differences," like the show being "too black" and Marvel largely creating this series to sell toys to children and "fifty-year-old pedophiles." Each reason is countered with a joke, so its hard to say whether Glover actually believes any of the reasons he wrote in the tweeted script or he's just channeling the character and bashing the character's owners.

Once Donald Glover was done riffing on FX and Marvel, the actor closed things out with some good old-fashioned violence. After going to extreme measures of violence to save Sudan, Deadpool ultimately kills the rhino and uses his body parts for various items in his room. The script ended with Deadpool wishing the fallen rhino's clone well, all whilst wearing a rhino skin coat. Fans of Deadpool will definitely get a kick out of Glover's script, although shouldn't get their hopes up as it doesn't seem likely Marvel will ask him to develop the series on another network after reading his script.

Donald Glover's animated Deadpool project is dead, and it doesn't look as though it's coming back anytime soon. Of course, stranger things happened with the film Deadpool, so who knows what's in the cards? For a look at upcoming television that is due to premiere in 2018, visit our midseason premiere guide and our summer premiere guide.

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