How NCIS: New Orleans Said Goodbye To Agent Sonja Percy

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*Spoilers below for the latest episode of NCIS: New Orleans, titled "High Stakes." *

After four seasons of chasing criminals, kicking ass and (now) flipping SUVs, NCIS Agent Sonja Percy has said goodbye to her New Orleans crew, with actress Shalita Grant officially exiting NCIS: New Orleans with the episode "High Stakes." There was an overall sense of melancholy for fans who knew this day was imminent, but the episode gave Percy a worthy and hair-raising exit that pushed emotions to the back burner until those final moments with LaSalle. Here's how it all went down.

As the episode opened, Percy shared with the team that she wasn't going to be taking the FBI position that she had been mulling over, coming to realize that she only chose to stick around due to the fear of not wanting to disappoint her co-agents. And it took quite a dangerous situation to spin her mind back around. Percy went partially undercover for an intense poker game, which led to her being taken captive and tasked with assisting on a break-in at the naval research lab, all under the threat of putting the also-kidnapped LaSalle in more danger.

But some rapid-fire reflections on her situation inspired a rather risky plan, and as she and her captors were nearing the targeted satellite launch, Percy started driving wildly and flipped the SUV they were in. After having rescued LaSalle, Pride and the others went after Percy and brought down her detainer. But the successful mission most certainly did not inspire Percy to stick around and have plenty more adventures just like it.

After the dust had settled, Percy revealed to Pride that she was going to take that FBI gig after all, and Pride accepted both her decision and her badge, offering some final compliments and saying how much he'd miss her. Fans then got a touching final goodbye with LaSalle that sadly didn't end with them agreeing to finally start dating, so for now, the City Mouse and the Country Mouse are still in the "won't they?" category. We're still holding out hope for the opposite outcome to occur later on, as potentially revealed through some low-key chatter or through a Season 5 guest star spot for Shalita Grant.

To be expected, NCIS: New Orleans fans took to social media to share their distress over Shalita Grant's exit, which was apparently as amicable as TV departures get, as well as their love for Agent Sonja Percy in general. The post below, among many others, inspired quite a few touching messages.

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We'll all be missing Shalita Grant's Sonja Percy, but NCIS: New Orleans isn't done with fans yet, and Season 4 continues on CBS every Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. ET. To see what shows will take its place whenever it goes on hiatus, head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer premiere schedule.

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