Star Trek: Discovery Just Cast Christopher Pike For Season 2, And It's A Solid Choice

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Everyone who sat on the edge of their seat as they watched the Season 1 finale of Star Trek: Discovery was stunned when the final moments of the episode revealed that the Discovery crew was about to come face to face with the crew of the Enterprise. Since the show is set 10 years before the beginning of Star Trek: The Original Series, though, fans will know that James T. Kirk isn't in command yet. The title of captain for the Enterprise currently rests with Christopher Pike, and Discovery has just cast Anson Mount to play him.

CBS revealed today that we will get to visit with at least one member of the Enterprise crew when Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery hits CBS All Access. Anson Mount has singed on to portray Christopher Pike, a character who was first introduced in TOS as the immediate predecessor to Captain Kirk on the Enterprise. After several years as captain of the Enterprise, Pike would go on to become one of Starfleet's most decorated captains, and the character has also been referred to on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, along with being mentioned early on during Season 1 of Discovery.

Anson Mount has become known for playing strong leaders and tough guys in the past few years, and that, in addition to his resemblance to the actor who originally played Pike on TOS, should make him a very good fit for the character. He most recently appeared as Black Bolt on Inhumans and Cullen Bohannon on Hell on Wheels, but the actor has racked up almost 50 credits since his TV debut on Ally McBeal in 1999. Mount has also shown off his talents in Boiler Room, Third Watch, Crossroads, Smallville, CSI: Miami, Lost, Law & Order and Non-Stop.

We'll be meeting Pike while he's in the midst of his legendary career as a Starfleet captain when we see him on Discovery. The fifth episode of Season 1 saw Saru calling up a list of the most decorated commanding officers in Starfleet, and Pike's name was already among them, so we're sure to see the full powers of his leadership as the Discovery crew helps the Enterprise after responding to its distress call during the Season 1 finale. While we don't know if we'll see anyone else from TOS in Season 2 of Discovery, it should be noted that Spock worked under Captain Pike for many years, which means we can all keep our fingers crossed that Michael Burnham's adoptive brother might be worked into the show in some capacity.

We don't know for sure when Anson Mount will debut as Captain Christopher Pike on Star Trek: Discovery, but it's a good bet that it will be sooner rather than later when the next season hits CBS All Access. Season 2 doesn't have a premiere date yet, so for more on what's coming to TV in the next few weeks, be sure to check out our midseason premiere guide, Netflix premiere guide, summer premiere guide and Amazon premiere guide.

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