John Cusack's Blunt Thoughts About Disney's High Fidelity Reboot

John Cusack in the movie High Fidelity
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Disney recently made headlines when news broke that it plans to remake a cult favorite. The R-rated 2000 film High Fidelity is set to get a family-friendly TV series makeover for the Mouse House's streaming service. The news has unsurprisingly made waves with fans of the film, as well as its star. John Cusack is speaking out about the remake, and he is not holding back:

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John Cusack's less-than-enthusiastic response to the remake news (which originally broke courtesy of Deadline) came on Twitter, as fans expressed their own exasperated thoughts on it. Cusack actually quoted a fan's tweet to him, responding to them directly. The outspoken actor, who is known for having strong opinions on various topics, including baseball and politics, wasted little time speaking out on the divisive news.

John Cusack joins stars like Bette Midler, who have openly expressed their aggravation surrounding news that studios are remaking their beloved starring vehicles. Midler shared a similarly frustrated reaction when word began to spread surrounding a TV remake of the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus. John Cusack's candor is equally refreshing.

The original 2000 film, High Fidelity, was an adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel of the same name. In it, Cusack stars as lead character Rob Gordon, a music fan and record store owner with relationship problems. The remake will feature a similar storyline with a twist. The story will now feature a female protagonist.

John Cusack did not end his critical response to the High Fidelity remake with just one tweet. Responding to another Twitter user, Cusack took aim at the proposed nature of the remake's take on the cult classic by including a quote from his character in the movie:

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The High Fidelity movie is two years shy of its 20th anniversary. Given the film's enduring popularity, interest in a remake was a foregone conclusion. Like many remakes that have gone before it, a controversial reaction to the decision to remake High Fidelity was to be expected. The good news is fans will always have the original film to relish.

Whether it is a remake, reboot, or revival, they all share one thing in common: all of them begin with the prefix "re-," so they are all following in the shadow of something that came before them. There is something that makes a revival far more innocent in its approach to nostalgic properties, though. Revivals usually include members of the original cast, which helps the audience feel like the new project has their blessing and active support. Right now, it does not seem like the High Fidelity TV remake can count John Cusack as such an endorser.

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