Jeopardy Contestant's Fun Taco Bell Shout Out Got The Best Response From Taco Bell

Jeopardy can always be counted on for some twists and turns, whether because Alex Trebek said something unexpected or because an unexpected person turned up as a contestant. Recently, the show has been running its college tournament that brings college students in to try and best each other in trivia, and one contestant immortalized himself in Jeopardy lore for a bizarre reason: his love of Taco Bell. When asked what he would do if he won the grand prize of $100,000, 18-year-old Rishab Jain stated that he would buy a lifetime supply of Taco Bell.

Well, Rishab Jain didn't win the college tournament, but he did get Taco Bell's attention. The fast food company decided to give Jain gift cards in return for the shout-out, saying this about how long they should last:

To get him through college.

Congratulations to Rishab Jain for winning the Taco Bell cash to get him through the rest of college! As long as he's not a nutrition major and/or looking into a career in medicine, he should be set for the foreseeable future. Of course, he might get sick of eating the same thing over and over again, but he'll have the Taco Bell option waiting for him. A Taco Bell representative revealed to Fox News that Jain is receiving $500 in Taco Bell gift cards. If he goes for the dollar menu, he could be dining on Taco Bell's finest for quite a while.

Now, while Taco Bell deserves the credit for providing Rishab Jain the means of procuring lots of Taco Bell food, Jeopardy deserves a fair amount of credit. The show didn't stop at simply revealing that Jain would buy himself a lifetime's supply of Taco Bell if he won the $100,000. No, Jeopardy went ahead and shared Jain's wish on Twitter with a fun little Taco Bell-esque video, and it was enough to catch the attention of the fast food chain.

Taco Bell, sympathizing with Rishab Jain's plight as a college student who didn't win $100,000 with which to eat Mexican pizzas and Crunchwrap Supremes, responded with a Twitter post that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated:

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It may not be $100,000 that he won by beating out the best and brightest in the Jeopardy college tournament, but those Taco Bell gift cards had to be a pretty great prize for Rishab Jain. The college tournament is always a stiff competition, and Jain can come away from it with the knowledge that he's the only competitor to finish with a fresh supply of Taco Bell gift cards.

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