Clayne Crawford Had A Graceful Parting Message For Lethal Weapon

Last week at this time, Lethal Weapon's cast and crew were gearing up for what would turn out to be a potentially deadly Season 2 finale, with fans wondering if Season 3 would happen. Now-former star Clayne Crawford was then taken off the show over alleged workplace misconduct, with Fox later announcing the third season renewal, along with revealing Seann William Scott had signed on as a replacement co-lead. Crawford has now responded to Lethal Weapon's latest news, and it was as respectful a farewell as anyone could have imagined.

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Clayne Crawford's message to Lethal Weapon (and its fanbase) is seemingly muddled with complicated feelings, since Fox execs have made it clear that Season 3 wasn't even an option with Crawford still part of the cast. So he's congratulating them for earning something that required his own job to be sacrificed. Not everyone would be able to put forth a sensible and balanced response to such a situation, and since Crawford's on-set behavior was reportedly the cause of this fiasco, it's all the more commendable that the actor's words were subdued and lacking any ill will.

But though the actor's post was exclamatory, the image used speaks volumes about the other emotions Clayne Crawford is dealing with right now. Hanging back in the shadows, while slumped forward and staring pensively. It's possibly a familiar position for anyone whose dream job slipped through their fingers. And it's a world away from his initial response to the rumors that he'd been fired, which he apparently wasn't aware of as it was happening.

Obviously, the thankful thoughts directed at Lethal Weapon's fans weren't going to be negative in any way, since so many of the recent reactions have been in Clayne Crawford's favor, with lots of fans expressing their shock and rage over Fox keeping the show going without him. And that fervor likely won't completely quiet down as the show gears up to make Season 3 a reality, either.

From a big picture perspective, Clayne Crawford's response was best presented with serenity and sportsmanship, since any kind of explosive reaction would almost definitely lessen his chances at quickly landing another big leading role. The actor scored Lethal Weapon right as the highly acclaimed drama Rectify was in its final season, so perhaps time will once again be on his side.

While no premiere dates have been revealed, Fox unveiled its fall programming lineup, which will see Lethal Weapon making Tuesday nights as explosive as ever. While waiting to hear more, head to our summer premiere schedule to see what other shows are coming.

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