Michelangelo, The Artist And Not The Ninja Turtle, Is Getting A TV Show

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Centuries after his death, Michelangelo is still considered one of the greatest artists of all time. While the renaissance artist may sometimes be overshadowed by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character who shares his name, it looks like that could soon change. The famed artist behind David, Pieta, and The Sistine Chapel ceiling will finally get a television series thanks to FremantleMedia North America, Landscape Entertainment and Hulu. Michelangelo is certainly a start to further celebrating the artist, and what's been revealed about the series so far definitely sounds like something that will leave audiences wanting more.

Michelangelo will focus on the life of the famed sculptor and painter, who was at the epicenter of one of the most exciting times to be alive. Michelangelo's troubled life will be retold in a modern tale that will deep dive into the crazy, conniving, and sex craved world that was Florence in the 16th century. Surprisingly, historical accounts from those alive at the time maintain that Michelangelo was not a victim to the many temptations of the time, as some would even liken him to that of a monk.

That said, scholars have studied and debated his personal life throughout the years and argued on details about the artist's personality, so it's hard to say for certain what this series will get into. Poetry written by Michelangelo has indicated he was a homosexual, or perhaps bi-sexual. Michelangelo's deep faith in Catholicism and the staggering amount of work he performed for the church could be the reason why the artist appeared so monk-like in public, although other scholars have alleged Michelangelo's poetry to various people to be strictly platonic. The press release gave no indication on which theory the series will subscribe to, although a betting man would assume the deeply religious artist who is also sexually conflicted angle may make for better television.

Michelangelo is being penned by award-winning South African-British author Richard Mason. Mason has won awards for his various works and has sold over a million copies of his works around the world. The series itself is the first project to surface in Hulu's first-look deal with Landscape Entertainment. Head of Landscape Entertainment Bob Cooper will executive produce the drama alongside Fremantle's Dante Di Loreto, and Martha De Laurentiis. No release date has been issued for Michelangelo at this time.

Artists and those interested will likely have to wait a bit to see Michelangelo on Hulu, which is fine because there are plenty of great things to watch on television in the meantime. Check out what's happening on streaming with our Netflix and Amazon premiere guides, or head over to our summer premiere guide for a more general outline of what to expect in terms of upcoming new television.

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