Lucifer's Tom Ellis Is Not Giving Up On Finding The Show A New Home

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Lucifer fans are devoted to seeing the devilish drama continue, and they can count on series star Tom Ellis as one of their prominent allies. Ever since Fox cancelled it in early May for what the network cited was a "ratings-based decision," the show's legion of fans have been working feverishly to get another network to resuscitate the provocative series. Ellis is not giving up on reviving the supernatural drama any time soon, either, saying:

I'd have moped around for a few days trying to get my head around [the cancellation] and then moved on. But in this circumstance it's been very difficult to ignore the noise -- the outpouring of love for the show has mirrored how I've felt about it. The response has spurred me on to at least go, 'OK, well I'm going to go and take part in these conversations.' When you spend so much time working on something, it's hard not to be passionate about it, certainly for me, and the producers want to harness my passion for it and take it around because it's helpful for them.

Hopes for rescue recently endured crossing one network off the list of the series' potential new homes, as The CW passed on Lucifer, despite its robust interest in supernatural fan-favorite fare. Tom Ellis is not losing hope over that, though, telling Radio Times that he believes a streaming service is Lucifer's best shot. As many know, streaming platforms like Netflix partially built their brands around saving cancelled series like Arrested Development, thus heeding the call of passionate fanbases that championed such resurgences. For now, Netflix is not specifically saying "no" to Lucifer. It just hasn't actually said "yes," either.

Furthering the drive of what was already destined to be a fervent response from its fans is the fact that Lucifer finished its run on Fox with a cliffhanger. It was a bold move for a show that wasn't guaranteed a fourth season, and many fans will probably agree it was not a great note for this favored show to end on. The cliffhanger involved a reveal that would undoubtedly impact Lucifer's central relationship going forward, but for now, we're unable to find out how those changes would have worked out in the long run.

Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson recently revealed how Season 4 would have moved forward, in light of the startling revelation. Speaking to the viewers' dedication, the decision to end the finale with a cliffhanger has not even been met with any widely reported consternation by fans, whose sole focus has been on moving forward with finding a renewal, while not looking back. For his part, Tom Ellis has no second thoughts about the way the show chose to blaze towards the finish line of Season 3, saying:

You can't do this with one foot out of the bath -- you've got to be committed, and we needed to commit to our story on Lucifer and you just hope that it's going to carry on. There is something to be said for, if that is the last ever episode of Lucifer, then we have honored the old adage of leave them wanting more.

With the lead actor and the co-showrunner so ardently supporting fans' campaigns to renew the show, there will definitely be no lack of fuel to keep the rally cries going. With AMC hosting the zombie-centric series The Walking Dead, and FX airing the edgy comic-book drama Legion, it seems like either network would be a great fit for the series, even if Lucifer is on a completely different tonal level. For now, though, fan attention will likely be focused towards streaming services. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or even a horror-themed service like Shudder could hold the key to Lucifer's future, and fans will be trying to convince them to use it.

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