As the beginning of the new TV season approaches, it is now time to reflect on the network's big decisions regarding which shows to renew and which shows to cancel. The bloodbath of cancellations has undoubtedly only begun, but an awful lot of shows have already gotten the axe. Before the cancellations start piling up faster than you can count, check out our list of big network TV shows that have already been cancelled!

The Mick - Fox

The Kaitlin Olson-starring sitcom debuted to huge numbers on Fox, and the network didn't waste any time in expanding its first season back in early 2017. The Mick gave viewers the chance to see Olson as somebody other than Sweet Dee from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and it was a comedy unlike any other. Sadly for fans, The Mick was cancelled by Fox after two seasons.

The Last Man On Earth - Fox

Another Fox comedy to be cancelled recently is The Last Man on Earth, which starred Will Forte (and his hair) and ended on a crazy cliffhanger with its Season 4 (and now series) finale back on May 6. Fans haven't rallied and petitioned to save this particular comedy, so we may never know what was going to happen to pay off on the cliffhanger. Perhaps the producers will reveal what would have gone down; otherwise, we may never know.

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