Lucifer Showrunner Opens Up About Cancellation, And Why Fans Will Be Disappointed With The Finale

Lucifer Season 3 finale will disappoint fans
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The painful TV shocks just keep on coming. Fans of Fox's Lucifer are still reeling from the announcement that the supernatural drama has been cancelled and, that is unfortunately not the end of the bad news. Over the course of two tweets on his personal Twitter account, Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson has revealed a crucial detail about the series' Season 3 finale, and the revelation is destined to disappoint fans. This is what Henderson had to say:

We created a season finale with a huge cliffhanger so that there was no way Fox could cancel us. Instead, we're going to frustrate the hell out of you fans. I'm so sorry for that. By the way, the Lucifer finale is the best hour of television I've been lucky to write. It wraps up everything from the season. But what it teases for season 4... well, maybe, just maybe, we can #SaveLucifer and show you.

Joe Henderson's Twitter disclosure on how the third and final season of Lucifer will cap its run on Fox will undoubtedly put significant fuel behind fans' interest in having the show picked up elsewhere. Henderson's bold move is in line with that of other showrunners' who have been faced with how to end the current season of their on-the-bubble show. While Henderson's gamble hasn't paid off with Fox, it may work in his favor when shopping the series around to other interested parties.

By ending with a cliffhanger, Lucifer has insured an eager audience will follow it to another destination. Not that the show needed any help on that front. Fans of the series have not wasted any time responding to its cancellation by Fox on Friday. They have already organized a thriving campaign on social media to save the show, rallying behind the hashtag: #SaveLucifer. According to Comic Book, the hashtag is seeing considerable results by already trending on Twitter.

Hot on the heels of Brooklyn Nine-Nine being picked up by NBC following its own cancellation by Fox, fans of Lucifer have reason to hope their campaign could evoke similar change. If not by Fox, by another network or streaming service ready to take on the series. While Lucifer's ratings may not have been what a big four network is interested in, a streamer could consider those numbers of ample interest.

Regardless of its on-air future, Lucifer's showrunner has assured fans he is working on a way to get them closure. Responding to a fan on Twitter, Joe Henderson said he is trying to "figure out" how to give it to them. With an investment of three seasons and fifty-five episodes upon its finale, fans have earned that. While they will have to wait it out with a cliffhanger ending, it was clearly with good intentions on Henderson's part. For now, fans will have to see how it all plays out.

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